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Falak Sher Marri, 16, shakes hands with Dora the Explorer at Mall of America

Exchange student says Pakistan and America share morals

Before arriving in this country, I was curious about Americans. I often wondered about their lifestyle and culture. As an exchange student, my task is to answer the questions I had before coming here.

Pakistanis displaced by flooding take refuge near Hyderabad, Pakistan.

"I'm not from China! I'm from Pakistan!"

Despite all the recent news coverage about her parent’s country, Iman Jafri finds Americans have trouble understanding Pakistan.

Pa Houa Thao poses with her mother

Hmong daughter and mother struggle to understand each other's different cultures

My mom stayed home and learned that, as a Hmong daughter, you are to keep the house clean and practice cooking to become a wife. So my mom has no clue what an after-school club is, what you do there, and why I like be there.

David Gilbert-Pederson and Richard Mammen

School board candidate's 20-year-old campaign manager doesn't have high school diploma

David Gilbert-Pederson seems like any other kid fresh out of high school. He is curious about what his crush says about him, has a tremendous appetite, and is shy around new people. But this 20-year-old also manages the campaign of Richard Mammen, one of the Democratic Party’s choices for the Minneapolis school board. But David doesn’t have a high school diploma.

A teen tries to talk to a friend while she texts

Teen texting pet peeves: Are you a rude texter?

You’re at dinner with your best friend, talking, eating, and having a great time. Until she pulls out her phone and starts texting. You’re annoyed.

Solome Tibebu started a website at 15 to help teens with anxiety

15-year-old builds website to help teens with anxiety and stress

When Solome Tibebu, 20, was a teenager, her anxiety was so severe that she didn’t even want to be left home alone when her mother took their dog for a walk.

Norma Jimenez

When a parent has cancer, it attacks the whole family

When Norma Jimenez’s mother was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for the second time, Norma realized that a life can end at any moment.

Senior slide illustration by Ruby Thompson

Senior slide: Will it cost you?

The term “senior slide” sounds like a school dance move, but it’s not.

Adolescent psychologist breaks down causes of teen stress

Psychologist Bruce Kohlhase, 55, knows what it’s like to be a teen under stress. When he was a teenager, his father, grandparent and classmate died. His mother had a stroke and his cousin committed suicide – all within a few years.

Workers at the Corn Roast booth hold up their product.

Top 6 most popular Minnesota State Fair foods

The chance to eat alligator and camel are enticing, but the most popular foods at the Minnesota State Fair are old classics.

A Hunt seat rider competes at the Minnesota State Fair

Competing in state fair horse shows can be nerve-wracking

While most people at the Minnesota State Fair were relaxing and trying the newest on-a-stick creation its first Friday, Christina Kooiman was nervously brushing her horse in the Horse Barn.

A robot attempts to pick up a ball to shoot it into a goal at the state fair

Minnesota teens test their robotics skills daily at the fair

When the Woodbury Math and Science Academy’s robot reached its arm up to grasp a wooden tower and pulled itself off the ground, it pretty much guaranteed a win for the robotics team at the Minnesota S

Quidditch game at University of Minnesota-Morris

Quidditch no longer a fictional game, now real-life "muggles" can play

It used to be only Harry Potter could catch the golden snitch, but now muggles can too thanks to some creative thinking from college students.

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At three north Minneapolis schools, the kids know the answers

To the members of the service-learning program Lead Peace, a tree means something different from a mere plant.

Dr. Michele Van Vranken, a physician at TAMS

Keeping it confidential: Many teens lack access to contraceptive services and mental health care

Kristin Makin, 25, wanted to get medical care without her parents finding out when she was a sexually active minor. She needed access to birth control in a confidential and teen-friendly setting.

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Salud spoken here: Lake Street clinic serves Latino teens and parents

After Sarai Hernandez-Ramirez had her son Brian two years ago, her mother expected her to quit school and stay home to care for him. But staff who run the Aqui para Ti program at Hennepin East Lake Clinic want Sarai back in school.

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Peer to peer: When teens have questions about sex, they often ask each other. One Minneapolis clinic trains teens to give the right answers.

On your mark. Get set. Ready? Go!

Two teens tear off the plastic wrappers containing the latex condoms. They quickly pull the wet, slippery material over two wooden sticks that resemble penises.

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Football player loses 135 lbs., tackles U.S. obesity trend

At a young age John Busch, 21, wanted to play fullback like his older brother Tom, but he was always put on the offensive line because he was overweight.

Busch, a senior at the University of St. Thomas, weighed about 200 pounds in 6th grade. He can’t remember a time when his eating habits were healthy.

End-of-Year photo contest winners announced!

End-of-the-year photo contest winners!

Congratulations to the three End-of-the-year photo contest winners! We asked our readers to submit one photo that depicts the excitement and chaos at the end of the school year.

Thanks to all the students who submitted. We received many great photos! The photos were judged by our very own ThreeSixty staff.

Youth Squad volunteer Natalie Cherne interacts with visitors to the museum.

Teen volunteers at Children's Museum play and climb over barriers, physical and social

When a toddler started howling in front of Natalie Cherne, a Youth Squad leader at the Children’s Museum, she ran over to him and started making funny faces to cheer him up. It didn’t work.

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