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Betty Ellison-Harpole

Here are 12 "Do" and "Don't do" tips for a great interview

“Hearing Ms. Ellison’s stories of growing up in a time when there was such a thing as white water and how she overcame the hatred and discrimination to become a life-changing woman was invaluable.” — South H.S. junior Maddie Colbert on why teens should interview others.

Isaura Greene

Life with Synesthesia

Synesthesia is a condition that causes you to experience one sense at the same time as another. In reporter Isaura Greene’s case, numbers have colors — 15 is a beautiful green-blue.

Dining Solo: Recipes for the time-strapped teen

Dining Solo: Recipes for the time-strapped teen

It’s actually pretty easy to take some time and learn to cook rather than subsist on Ramen noodles and Hot Pockets.

New memorial fills void by honoring children lost before birth

When Anne Judine Knudsen, 56, saw the engraved names of her two babies lost through miscarriage on the “Unborn Memorial” wall in Delano, Minn., she cried.

Brave New Workshop Student Union Youth Performance Team

Laughs for free

Love comedy but hate spending money? Check out teen comedians at free Brave New Workshop performances.

Tyanna Dickerson of the University of St. Thomas

Succeeding at college

Tyanna Dickerson, a graduate of South High School in Minneapolis and the first in her family to attend college, wanted to attend St. Thomas but felt nervous about the demands of college. She’s grateful for the REAL program, a five-week orientation program targeted at minority and immigrant students that aims to help new freshmen succeed.

A teen crosses her fingers behind her back as she lies to a parent.

Generation gap

Screaming, lying and mistrust are common mistakes in teen-parent relations.

Zamzam Abdirahman feels pressure to choose one group of friends over another

Refusing to choose

I never believed that people at my high school would start to look at me as the Somali girl, and not Zamzam anymore. But that’s what happened when the Somali population at school more than tripled in five years.

Ryan McCartan is a national award-winning actor

Despite fan club, award-winning teen actor remains humble

The 18-year-old Ryan McCartan spent his summer training in Germany, rubbing elbows with musical theater legends, and performed at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C.

Hmong shaman ceremony

Hmong preteen next in line to become shaman

Kamolchai Hang, 12, of St. Paul, could become the next shaman in his Hmong family, continuing a religious tradition of more than 1,000 years.

House MC, Gerald Shepherd, 30, of Minneapolis

Rapping for the Lord

The services at Urban Jerusalem Four Square Church in north Minneapolis may look and sound like a club with lights and bumping beats, but when you listen to the music, the lyrics of the songs are about God and Jesus Christ.

Reclamation exhibit at Franconia Sculpture Park

Sculpture garden for scamps

Ever had the urge to touch artwork at a museum? Well, here’s a place for you rule breakers who always get hassled by museum security officers — Franconia Sculpture Park, located 45 minutes northeast of the Twin Cities in Chisago Country.

Radio Rookies from WNYC capture aftermath of 9/11 for teens

To mark the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, Radio Rookies, WNYC’s Peabody Award-winning youth journalism program, presents “Our 9/11: Growing Up in The Aftermath,” an hour special hosted by NPR’s Brooke Gladstone.

Gina Van Thomme, 16, of Faribault High School

After blind date, Gina looks forward to mothering 23,904 cats

Gina’s blind date started out the night by seeming to be more romantically interested in his phone than in her, and the night just got more awkward and hilarious from there, from moments involving a corn dog to wondering if her date could actually hear her to playing a dog-free game of fetch.

Myron Medcalf speaks with students at Edison High School in Minneapolis.

No longer a knucklehead

When Myron Medcalf was a student reporter, he tried to get an interview with then-quarterback Duante Culpepper at the Minnesota Vikings training camp in Mankato. Sure, Culpepper told him, wait right here. So Medcalf waited. And waited. And waited.

Salwa holds up the purple, sequined dress she wore to PROM 2009

Future of prom for Muslim girls' in doubt

When their Islamic belief in modesty conflicted with being able to go to school prom, a group of Muslim women decided to host a dance just for girls so they could let their hair down, glam up in gowns, and dance the night away — no boys allowed.

Christmas used to involve less presents

Christmas had less presents, same amount of love

When 81-year-old Jim Burns was celebrating Christmas as a kid, it was the only time of year he received a present.

Teens explore being a firefighter

Explore your future career, even firefighting

You can’t see. Your fireproof suit and protective gear feel heavier than ever on your back. All you can feel is the ground beneath you and your partner’s ankle that you’re holding. Forming a human chain with your three other partners, blinded by darkness, you proceed through a doorway and crawl to reach an unconscious victim.

Sharaya Jackson returned to high school this fall after dropping out

For the Marines, a GED isn't good enough

Sharaya Jackson, 19, dropped out half way through her senior year at Washburn High School in Minneapolis. She left home because of conflicts with her mother, and became homeless.

Edwin Flowers

Making the grade: A new school and committed mentor lead St. Paul teen to success

It was fourth period, the most dreaded period of my eighth grade year – math. I was seated as always in the front of the classroom because my teacher, Mr. Hirsch, knew that my favorite time to begin talking was during the lesson when he stood beside the overhead explaining equations and formulas, all those x’s and y’s.

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