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Cancer to 'Clouds': With guitar in hand, Zach Sobiech faces the unimaginable

Zach Sobiech doesn’t have to go to school. But he wakes up early every morning and sits in class anyway.

Whole lotta 'Love': Cloud Cult returns with new album, same creative ambitions

Cloud Cult’s mission has long transcended musicology. With a new album, “Love,” on the way, the Minneapolis band continues to push creative limits.

Meet Mr. Showtime: Cooper standout Rashad Vaughn balances basketball, pressure

Rashad Vaughn isn’t your average 16-year-old. In fact, Vaughn, a junior at Robbinsdale Cooper High School, has received so many scholarship offers, he’s stopped opening his mail.

@16: Mayor R.T. Rybak talks teen years, social media and his 'dream job'

R.T. Rybak can’t imagine living anywhere but Minneapolis.

For him, there’s nothing better than looking out the window and marveling at the falling Minnesota snow. Yet as mayor of Minnesota’s largest city, he always has to wonder how the plows are doing.

Friendships formed at Circus Juventas endure across oceans

There’s no clownin’ around here. Circus Juventas in St. Paul teaches teens valuable performance skills and relationship building.

@16: Vikings punter Chris Kluwe talks about life as a teen

Just a punter? Chris Kluwe opens up about football, gaming, gay rights and high school life in our first installment of @16.

John Mark Nelson no longer waiting (and waiting) for his music career to begin

Thanks to a boost from local tastemaker station The Current, John Mark Nelson is living his music dreams at 18.

Brave new world: Studying abroad provides unique learning opportunities

Scott Carpenter did some studying during a five-month spring semester in Queenstown, New Zealand. Just not in an environment most American college students are used to.

Fashioning art: Korean student thrives on creativity, achievement and sharing

Hee Soo Kim is different and proud of it. Whether it’s the way she does her hair or the art she creates, the senior at St. Paul Preparatory School keeps changing things up.

Game on! Students can power up design skills for successful video game careers

Stephen Dinehart has always been a gamer and comic book lover. When he was 10 years old, he bought the original Nintendo Entertainment System for $110 after a year of saving his money.

Special education students rely on strong support system to overcome daily challenges

Unable to walk on his own, Kenny Knutson relies on his parents to move him around the house in a wheelchair.

Election Day 2012: 'I Voted' sticker symbolizes adulthood for one teen writer

What a rush! It’s Election Day! Newly-minted 18-year-old and ThreeSixty writer Mary Meehan reflects on her first time at the election booth.

Interview: Award-winning author Sonia Nazario to speak at ThreeSixty Journalism fundraiser

Not many journalists would sit on top of moving freight trains, live in the near-constant danger of being killed and travel thousands of miles away from their spouse to tackle the unknown in the name of investigative reporting.

Spoken word artist Lisa Brimmer makes a living from what she loves.

Living art: Dedication and second jobs support artists' careers

Bryan Nichols makes money performing and teaching jazz, a big change from his original plan to become a doctor.

Bob Koss, 25, of St. Paul supports Mitt Romney for president in 2012.

Mitt Romney supporter: Less government, stricter immigration

Bob Koss, 25, of St. Paul hopes he can help presidential candidate Mitt Romney make history in Minnesota, which has voted for Democrats in the last nine presidential elections.

Carlos Conway supports Ron Paul for president in 2012.

Ron Paul supporter: Radically smaller government with libertarian social views

Carlos Conway looks like a regular guy: Dark hair, brown eyes, plaid shirt. But when it comes to politics, he’s a radical.

Milate Tibebe’s parents got her involved in politics at a young age.

Obama supporter: Learning early to get involved

Fleeing from persecution, the parents of Melate Tibebe, 19, taught her from childhood to appreciate being a native U.S. citizen, including the importance of being politically active. This summer, she’s working for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

Big Lake High School junior Stephanie Abfalter recites a poem

National poetry contest fills arts void at small schools with tight budgets

When Laura Meyer, an English teacher at Big Lake High School, heard about the national Poetry Out Loud competition, she jumped on the opportunity to offer students an artistic activity. Budget cuts had ended extracurricular activities like speech, debate, and theater at her school northwest of the Twin Cities.

Ryan Liestman plays piano in South America

Jonas Bros’ piano player shares secrets of his success

Many teens have a desire to be a rock-star: The fame, the screaming fans, and the tight leather pants are just some of the pluses that come with the rock-star dream.

Betty Ellison-Harpole

For Black History Month honor elders by recording their stories

History isn’t just in books and museums. It’s in the stories we tell.

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