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How did September 11 change your life?

We wanted to hear from the generation that’s grown up in a primarily post-9/11 world. So we asked teens: How did September 11th change your life?

First place winning image by Mary Grace of Southwest High

Spring Your Turn Photo Contest Winners

Check out the winners of our spring YourTurn photo contest!

End-of-Year photo contest winners announced!

End-of-the-year photo contest winners!

Congratulations to the three End-of-the-year photo contest winners! We asked our readers to submit one photo that depicts the excitement and chaos at the end of the school year.

Thanks to all the students who submitted. We received many great photos! The photos were judged by our very own ThreeSixty staff.

Your Turn contests

Your Turn contests break for summer

Since summer is the busiest time of year for many teens and ThreeSixty staff, Your Turn contests will take a break for the summer and resume during the fall.

Winning essays of Your Turn: Are you too plugged in to be happy?

A recent study found on average 15- to 18-year-old Americans consume about 8 hours of media for fun per day. The study also found, the more media teens use, the less happy they seem to be. Twin Cities teens write about the impact constant access to entertainment has on their lives.

Honorable Mention -- Media gives opportunities

Media has changed the way the world works. It’s easier for many people to get the news and for some teens it’s easier to get their homework done.

Honorable Mention -- I Was Technology

In the winter, my schedule was a snowstorm full of technology. My life was wrapped in technology because I didn’t want to go out in the cold.

Third Place -- The impact of recreational media

Recreational media is a big part of my life. There is nothing like knowing about new things. It could be about sports, celebrities or sometimes politics.

Second Place -- Are you too plugged in?

Am I plugged in? Of course, I am. Technology plays a big role in my life. Every aspect of my life has some kind of technology connected to it.

When I am at home, I watch TV.

First place winner -- Recreational Media: Vice or Virtue?

In my life, recreational media serves as both a distraction and a tool that keeps me connected with the fast pace of the world today.

Your Turn: Coaches

Tied for 1st place: Life is too hard

Ahmednur Abdi Hudle, 17, Ubah Medical Academy, Hopkins

My boys came over to my house Monday the week before school started.

Winter Photo Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the four winners of our 2010 Winter Photo Contest!

We received more than 60 submissions of wonderful photos. Choosing our four winners wasn’t easy. Thank you to everyone who submitted. Photos were judged by ThreeSixty reporters, Director of Photography for St. Thomas University Relations Mike Ekern, ThreeSixty Marketing Manager Kate Borman and Youth Publications Editor Annie Nelson. Note: We had a very tough time deciding between the top two photos.

Your Turn second runner-up: Stephanie Revering -- "Mentos: the Fightmaker"

I was a child who would not take “No” for an answer. So when my sister told me that I wasn’t allowed in her room and I definitely could never have one of her beloved Mentos on account of how often I asked her for one, I didn’t accept this.

Your Turn first runner-up: Jayme Morrow, "Mustard up my nose"

I was in Northfield working at Defeat of Jesse James Days when I made a huge mess. I was refilling a mustard container and as I squeezed the bottle of mustard into the container, the cover blew off. Mustard covered everything, including a random man just walking by.

Your Turn winner! Ty Heimerl, "911 -- Don't call it for fun"

One day, my older brother Joe was doing the one thing that annoyed me the most: he was taking my Pokemon cards from my deck. I warned him that I was going to call the police on him if he didn’t return every last card to my deck that he had taken. Being the stubborn older brother that he was, he took his chances and kept taking cards from me. With the tears gathering in my eyes, I grabbed the phone, and began to dial the number.

Winter Photo Contest -- win $50, $30 or $20

Winter break is right around the corner and we have had our first big snowstorms. Grab your boots and hat, sled and ice skates — and a camera!

Take pictures of your favorite winter activity or scene and enter up to three photos in ThreeSixty’s first-ever photo contest. Win $50 for 1st place, $30 for 2nd and $20 for 3rd.

Reality and small towns

I’m a loser … but I embrace it because the thing with being a loser is you have loser friends and they’ll love you no matter what.

Slacking to succeeding

When I was in middle school I struggled with academics a lot. I was usually always at the bottom of all of my classes. I was below the normal reading level and also below the expected math level.

Your Turn Winners! Sadie Anderson and Simone Fuller

The winners of our Your Turn contest about jumping cliques in high school are: Sadie Anderson of East Range Academy of Technology and Science and Simone Fuller of Cristo Rey Jesuit High School.

Winners of September YourTurn contest

Congratulations to Vicky Coronado, Kelsey Johnson and Zoe Hoaglund, all of Faribault High School, for winning the September YourTurn contest! Their essays on President Barack Obama’s speech to students show what truly motivates teens today to do well in school.

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