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A smartphone app for teen drivers: U of M developing Teen Driver Support System to keep teens safe on the road

Ten percent of teenage drivers—ages 15-19—involved in fatal crashes in 2013 were dis­tracted at the time of the crashes, according to April data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrat

Jeffrey McGonigal, the Anoka-Hennepin School District assistant superintendent

Learning in a digital classroom: Telepresence rooms at Anoka-Hennepin save classes, bring students together

When he began talking during the interview, Jeffrey McGonigal’s voice was as clear as a bell and he appeared to be just across the room.

How to prevent – and help stop – cyberbullying: Certain steps can be taken to halt online abuse

What started as an innocent group message on Facebook grew into a mean-spirited attack that left Lana Rubinstein feeling scared and isolated.

A screenshot of a post from the “HeForShe” campaign

Feminism in the digital age: Social media has played a big role in the modern-day feminist movement

Kristine Holmgren has seen feminism evolve throughout the decades.

A veteran feminist, Holmgren says these days, social media is play­ing an integral role in the women’s movement.

A digital connection: Instant communication can be helpful or harmful when used in relationships

Liz Fesenmaier and her boyfriend may live nearly 1,200 miles apart, but communication is only a few taps away.

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