@16: Timberwolves power forward Thaddeus Young embraces new scenery, season

Having just finished a hard practice at his new team’s Lifetime Fitness facility inside the Target Center, seven-year NBA veteran Thaddeus Young knocks down jump shots with a broad smile spread across his face.

Being a Minnesota sports fan means losing games but gaining perspective

My heart was broken on January 24, 2010.

Discipline and hard work pay off, one karate kick at a time

Military style push-ups and no junk food? The road to redemption didn’t come easy as Zekriah Chaudhry learned what hard work and dedication to craft truly means.

Minnesota Twins executive Kate Townley mines the minors for future fortunes

Meet Kate Townley, senior manager of Minor League administration for the Twins — and one of only a few women in Major League Baseball to hold an operations position.

In the shadows of Target Field at the Home Run Derby

It’s July 14 and 57 degrees — the coldest mid-July day on record in Minneapolis. It’s miserable, frankly, as rain drizzles intermittently at Target Field.


Thinking outside the batter's box a requirement for St. Paul Saints

Meet promotions manager Sierra Bailey in our third installment of “The Way I Work,” a regular ThreeSixty feature aimed at providing insight into unique and interesting career fields.

The game within the game: Media scrutiny, scholarships can muddy prep sports mission

As high school athletes are becoming an increasingly popular media species, are prep sports still played the way they should be played?

Calling a timeout: How much is too much when it comes to our sports obsessions?

Do we love sports TOO much? A fellow sports fan examines his priorities, and those of society, as the attention we pay athletes continues to grow and grow.

@16: All eyes have been on Minnesota Lynx star Seimone Augustus from an early age

WNBA Finals MVP. Olympic Gold Medalist. What does the Minnesota Lynx star have left to accomplish? Talking with us, of course!

United in their goal: Soccer gets a new identity in the Twin Cities

With a new name, logo and owner, the Minnesota United soccer team is ready to kick up the local sports scene a notch.

From collector to curator: No one loves Twins history more than Clyde Doepner

No one knows more about Minnesota Twins history than Clyde Doepner. And he has the Target Field title to prove it.

It's time to put an end to offensive Native American mascot names

Growing up as a Native American, I didn’t care about the respect others had for my heritage. But as I’ve gotten a bit older, I realize how little respect is present.

Meet Mr. Showtime: Cooper standout Rashad Vaughn balances basketball, pressure

Rashad Vaughn isn’t your average 16-year-old. In fact, Vaughn, a junior at Robbinsdale Cooper High School, has received so many scholarship offers, he’s stopped opening his mail.

@16: Vikings punter Chris Kluwe talks about life as a teen

Just a punter? Chris Kluwe opens up about football, gaming, gay rights and high school life in our first installment of @16.

Chris Kluwe fires up 'Vote No' crowd at Hell's Kitchen fundraiser

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe and his band, Tripping Icarus, helped rally the troops at a packed Hell’s Kitchen fundraiser for Minnesotans United for All Families late Thursday.

Support for paralyzed H.S. hockey player "Jabby" goes digital, global

Even Charlie Sheen was asked through Twitter to support injured Benilde-St. Margaret’s hockey player Jack Jablonski.

Do you think the Vikings will make the 2011 playoffs?

Josh Luger, 17, gets ready to snap the ball to the Breck School’s quarterback.

Sports and concussions, is it worth the risk?

When Josh Luger, 17, of Minneapolis, snapped the ball back to the quarterback in an November 2009 varsity football game, the next few seconds changed his life.

Myron Medcalf speaks with students at Edison High School in Minneapolis.

No longer a knucklehead

When Myron Medcalf was a student reporter, he tried to get an interview with then-quarterback Duante Culpepper at the Minnesota Vikings training camp in Mankato. Sure, Culpepper told him, wait right here. So Medcalf waited. And waited. And waited.

A Hunt seat rider competes at the Minnesota State Fair

Competing in state fair horse shows can be nerve-wracking

While most people at the Minnesota State Fair were relaxing and trying the newest on-a-stick creation its first Friday, Christina Kooiman was nervously brushing her horse in the Horse Barn.

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