A digital connection: Instant communication can be helpful or harmful when used in relationships

Liz Fesenmaier and her boyfriend may live nearly 1,200 miles apart, but communication is only a few taps away.

Signs of domestic violence aren't always obvious, especially in teen relationships

A disturbing trend for domestic violence in the Twin Cities has claimed the lives of several young women. What should teens know about the warning signs in the same kind of unhealthy relationships?

Feeling disconnected: Phone calls take on new meaning for the Bowie family

A jail sentence for her father gave Anika Bowie a new appreciation for phone communication — and the price prisoners pay to keep it.

miami beach sign

When it comes to growing up, what happens in Miami should stay in Miami

A move to Minnesota meant ThreeSixty writer Simone Cazares could grow up at a slower pace. That’s a good thing.

Bridging the age gap: Older guy + younger girl = trouble, right?

Having a partner who is much older or younger has become somewhat trendy among young adults. But are there greater risks to consider with a large age gap between partners?

One local Catholic family struggles with its beliefs about the marriage amendmen

Faith and justice: A Catholic family struggles with the marriage amendment

One local Catholic family struggles with its beliefs about the marriage amendment.

Lori Luchsinger and Karen Salmey

Gay marriage as a matter of fairness

For Lori Luchsinger and Karen Salmey, gaining the right to marry is simply a matter of fairness.

Give me some credit

Once teens turn 18, they can vote, gamble and live on their own. But teens are not allowed to have credit cards without parental approval until they reach 21.

Some teens are ticked off that they still need mom and dad to give them access to credit. One is 17-year -old Jonah Rood of St. Louis Park.

Seeing Race Across the Border

When Canadians say that they don’t see race, a black American disagrees.

Isaura Greene

Book Review: Thirteen Reasons Why

When I picked up 13 Reasons Why, I was a bit skeptical. I thought it would be depressing since it centers on a teen’s suicide. But the story tells about much more than just that incident.

Collage of a face

Does race still matter?

In this collection of articles, Twin Cities teens describe how race affects them.

Illustration of a person named "opportunity" seeking only the Caucasian.

Knowing who I am

When friends assumed she was Caucasian, Sinthia thought hard about what it means to be Latina.

Searching for roots

Cut off from his Mexican ancestry, a teen wants to know more.

Collage of a face

Can’t you take a joke?

Recognizing racism in the jokes we tell and assumptions we make.

What's your favorite sweethearts candy saying?

Help us paint a digital portrait of MN teens

Teens are more than possible risk factors and test scores. In an effort to create a well-rounded picture of Minnesota teens today – what they think about, hope for, and how they communicate – ThreeSixty Journalism and the Minnesota Historical Society are calling teens to fill out an online survey.

Jeff poses with Bucky Badger, the University of Wisconsin-Madison's mascot.

A commencement speech from a guy who's been there, done that

Here are some hard lessons that no one told me when I went off to college. These are the biggest challenges I’ve faced since leaving home that pushed me to grow up and truly embrace independence.

Gina Van Thomme, 16, of Faribault High School

After blind date, Gina looks forward to mothering 23,904 cats

Gina’s blind date started out the night by seeming to be more romantically interested in his phone than in her, and the night just got more awkward and hilarious from there, from moments involving a corn dog to wondering if her date could actually hear her to playing a dog-free game of fetch.

ThreeSixty Journalism reporter produces online and radio story for Minnesota Public Radio

It is a proud day here at ThreeSixty Journalism. Grace Pastoor, one of our veteran reporters, had her voice grace the airwaves at 6:50 and 8:40 a.m. this morning on Minnesota Public Radio with a fantastic story about bullying from the teen perspective.

Jesse Garcia speaks to a group of guys about why they lag behind girls at school

Where are the guys?

Check out the new video of the Q & A by IFP Minnesota teens.

Weak role models, more distractions and less pressure to excel are among the reasons guys say they fall behind girls in school.

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