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Exploring teen pregnancy rates: The teen pregnancy and birth rates in Minnesota have decreased through the years – but why?

Teenage pregnancy and birth rates in Minnesota have plummeted throughout the last two decades and reached historic lows, according to recent data.

Keeping kids close: Clinical resources in school give students free, convenient access

Kristie Anderson will be the first to admit that students probably think of it as “the sex clinic.” But as nurse practitioner at Minneapolis Washburn Clinic—one of several school based clinics offered

No laughing matter: "Harmless" jokes about mental illness and depression cut deep for many

Editor’s note: ThreeSixty Journalism has changed the names of teen sources in this story for privacy reasons.

Nobody likes being the butt of a joke or have a snide comment made about them, but te

Into the darkness: The soul-crushing sadness of depression is impossible to escape alone

Living with depression is similar to taking a walk through an empty and abandoned forest during winter.

The trees stand lonely, naked without their green and bountiful leaves.

Raising flags, saving lives: Factors that contribute to teen suicide are often complex

“Honestly, when we found out the news, it was a complete shock.”

Joy Nollenberg

The joy of educating others

Joy Nollenberg, founder of the Joy Project in Minneapolis, can vouch for the lack of awareness surrounding eating disorders. In February 2006, Nollenberg founded the nonprofit program following her own struggles with anorexia.

Not just a teen problem: The truth about eating disorders is that they can affect anyone - even guys

Ten minutes of reading a fashion magazine is all that it takes for someone to feel worse about his or her own body.

Don't let a disability get you down: Accepting new challenge can lead to major mental breakthroughs

It was 3 a.m. Instead of sleeping, I sat awake on the couch trying to finish the homework I had been working on since 4 o’clock that afternoon.

It’s late, and of course, I was tired.

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