More than community service: Service learning projects give students chance to understand issues, offer solutions

At Roseville Area High School, there is a small room that looks like a mini Target


A pathway of hope for children: Trip to Colombia to help poor families an eye-opener for local teens

Last November, Evelyn Vazquez took a one-week missionary trip to Colombia and was struck by the sight of homeless children and broken down homes without roofs.

Sagal Abdirahman with a friend

Holding onto your heritage: Somali traditions keep family roots intact while chasing the American dream

My mother came to America for one reason and one reason only.

Simmering acceptance: Embarrassment over cultural cuisine isn’t always easy to swallow

In any gathering of Asian people, there will always be food.

This past summer, I was selected to play Fredericka from Stephen Sondheim’s “A Little Night Music” with Mu Performing Arts, a nationally

Chasing truth with a camera: Why two local photographers joined the Ferguson fray

Nancy Musinguzi and Patience Zalanga believe that truth is determined by what perspective you are viewing it from. So they decided to change their perspective from “looking in” to “being in.”

puerto rican flag

Search for perfect last name leads to greater discovery

As ThreeSixty writer Freddy McConnell found out, embracing your heritage doesn’t have to mean poaching the “perfect” last name.

Truth and consequences: Struggling with the model minority myth

The pressure to be smart and docile can be too much for Asian Americans, as Diana Lu has discovered during her high school years.

Students rally at a protest for immigrant rights.

A DREAM come true: Executive order allows young, illegal immigrants to stay in U.S.

Victor, 18, was only four years old when his parents brought him into the United States illegally. He was far too young to have made that choice, which is why he approves of the Obama Administration’s new executive action, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Spoken word artist Lisa Brimmer makes a living from what she loves.

Living art: Dedication and second jobs support artists' careers

Bryan Nichols makes money performing and teaching jazz, a big change from his original plan to become a doctor.

Isaura Greene

Book Review: Thirteen Reasons Why

When I picked up 13 Reasons Why, I was a bit skeptical. I thought it would be depressing since it centers on a teen’s suicide. But the story tells about much more than just that incident.

Mohamed Samatar, 19, of Minneapolis

Changing the picture

Mohamed Samatar, 19, travelled to Somalia for the first time in 2010. The Minneapolis teenager expected to be in the desert for a month without electricty. What he experienced in Somalia shocked him — because he realized his idea of Somali and the reality there were very different. And so began his mission.

Betty Ellison-Harpole

For Black History Month honor elders by recording their stories

History isn’t just in books and museums. It’s in the stories we tell.

Betty Ellison-Harpole

Here are 12 "Do" and "Don't do" tips for a great interview

“Hearing Ms. Ellison’s stories of growing up in a time when there was such a thing as white water and how she overcame the hatred and discrimination to become a life-changing woman was invaluable.” — South H.S. junior Maddie Colbert on why teens should interview others.

Emma Carew Grovum was adopted from Korea as an infant.

Life after meeting my biological family

After graduating high School, Emma Carew Grovum visited her Korean birth family in a series of hard, emotionally draining visits.

Emma Carew Grovum was adopted from Korea as an infant.

Coming Home a Stranger

Growing up as a Korean adoptee in a predominantly white suburb of Minneapolis, Emma Carew always felt out of place. A high school graduation trip to Korea connected her to the family and culture of her birth. Now as an adult, she’s found knowing her adopted family adds a complicated layer to her life.

Help us paint a digital portrait of MN teens

Teens are more than possible risk factors and test scores. In an effort to create a well-rounded picture of Minnesota teens today – what they think about, hope for, and how they communicate – ThreeSixty Journalism and the Minnesota Historical Society are calling teens to fill out an online survey.

Feven Gerezgiher

Christmas on January 7th

Forget shiny presents and delicious sugar cookies, Orthodox Christmas is orthodox. It is totally unlike the wonderfully commercialized Christmas most people celebrate in the United States.

Chasten Harmon, as Éponine, in the Orpheum Theatre's Les Miserables

Review: "High School Musical" can't compete with Les Misérables

While waiting in line for the bathroom during the intermission of Les Misérables at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis, I overheard a little girl complaining that the musical wasn’t as good as “High School Musical” or “Grease,” and she was right. It was better, much better.

What do you most look forward to during Thanksgiving?

Zamzam Abdirahman feels pressure to choose one group of friends over another

Refusing to choose

I never believed that people at my high school would start to look at me as the Somali girl, and not Zamzam anymore. But that’s what happened when the Somali population at school more than tripled in five years.

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