Nothing to fear in fake news: Dissecting the facts takes time, but it’s a small price for being informed

Scrolling down your social media news feed to check what your friends are up to, you notice news articles with bold headlines that say something almost unbelievable.

Making our voices heard

On a February morning this year, I was rushing to find a seat for our daily assembly at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School.


Race and political correctness

WHEN A GIRL in one of my classes said, “Black Lives Matter is a hate group against policemen,” the entire class, including the teacher, turned to me for reaction.


My untraditional route to college

NEXT FALL, I will be a freshman at Augsburg College in Minneapolis and the first college student in my family.

But my path to Augsburg is not typical.

Shay Radhakishnan

Putting an end to comparison: Girls need to build each other up, not tear each other down

“I’m not like those other girls.” “You’re not like those other girls.”

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