Something to prove: Achieving the IB diploma goes beyond a simple piece of paper

As one Harding High School student has come to learn, life with strict IB diploma requirements has a way of ruining plans. Is it worth it?

College crisis? Experts remind teens to enjoy the process

It should be one of the best times in your life. Yet the agony of applying to college—and, of course, waiting to get in—can be difficult to navigate without help.

Wallin Education Partners, Page Education Foundation help teens with college costs

Senior year usually means the hunt for college scholarships. For low-income and minority students, those resources might not seem so readily attainable or available.

Looking for scholarship resources? Check out these helpful links

Here are some helpful websites that can get you on the fast track to finding financial aid for college.

Through his scholarship foundation, Alan Page helps to create new heroes

When a former Minnesota Vikings star says he’s in the business of “creating heroes,” the mind easily wanders to strength training, drill running and other avenues of physical betterment.

Wallin Education Partners provides big boost to low-income students

In college, you’re on your own. Navigating the way is hard for anyone, but can be especially difficult for first-generation students.

The journey is the reward for one Hamline University commuter student

It’s one thing to live on campus. It’s another to drive to campus. It’s a completely different experience to take an estimated hour-and-a-half bus trip to campus every day.

Nik Johnson

Disappointed and anxious, young voters unlikely to show up in record numbers this fall

Frustrated by a weak job market and high college costs, many young voters are less excited about this year’s presidential election than they were in 2008.

Seeing Race Across the Border

When Canadians say that they don’t see race, a black American disagrees.

Help us paint a digital portrait of MN teens

Teens are more than possible risk factors and test scores. In an effort to create a well-rounded picture of Minnesota teens today – what they think about, hope for, and how they communicate – ThreeSixty Journalism and the Minnesota Historical Society are calling teens to fill out an online survey.

Normandale Community College

My senior year as a college freshman

My junior year, I faced a dilemma: stay at New Prague High School for my senior year, or go on to college.

Tyanna Dickerson of the University of St. Thomas

Succeeding at college

Tyanna Dickerson, a graduate of South High School in Minneapolis and the first in her family to attend college, wanted to attend St. Thomas but felt nervous about the demands of college. She’s grateful for the REAL program, a five-week orientation program targeted at minority and immigrant students that aims to help new freshmen succeed.

Jeff poses with Bucky Badger, the University of Wisconsin-Madison's mascot.

A commencement speech from a guy who's been there, done that

Here are some hard lessons that no one told me when I went off to college. These are the biggest challenges I’ve faced since leaving home that pushed me to grow up and truly embrace independence.

Jesse Garcia speaks to a group of guys about why they lag behind girls at school

Where are the guys?

Check out the new video of the Q & A by IFP Minnesota teens.

Weak role models, more distractions and less pressure to excel are among the reasons guys say they fall behind girls in school.

Jessica Kue

Mistakes were made, but Jessica returned to college

My senior year in high school was basically just a party. Honestly, I skipped a lot, thinking it wouldn’t affect my college future. I would give anything to start over.

College's biggest challenge can be paying the bills

Congrats on getting in to college! Now send money

“Study hard. Go to college,” is the mantra of many parents to their children. Although some teens worry about getting in, many don’t realize that the biggest challenge of college isn’t always admission or academics, but simply being able to pay for it.

Decrease cost of college by earning post-secondary credits in high school

Four programs available in many Minnesota high schools can help you earn college credits before you even know what college you’re going to. The challenge is figuring out what the programs are and which one is best for you.

Working at college can help pay for school

If you are a student looking for ways to fund your college education without taking out loans, a good financial aid option to consider is work-study.

Lisa Fan

Where to find scholarships for college

Lisa used four popular websites that other teens had recommended: Fastweb, Cappex, Collegeboard and

Maya Parker artwork

How to get as many scholarships for college as possible

With college tuition rising each year, high school students everywhere are looking for ways to pay for college without building a huge pile of debt.

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