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What makes a great high school teacher?

In an essay contest this spring, ThreeSixty Journalism noted that a national education group recently gave Minnesota a D+ for its weak efforts to improve teaching. Then we asked teens: How would you grade your teachers?

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A friend indeed: YourTurn contest winners say peer pressure can be positive

Support from friends, family and music helped YourTurn winners do the right thing.

Your Turn

Essay contest reveals bullying is common

One surprise in ThreeSixty Journalism’s essay contest about bullying is how common it is, particularly among middle-school students. In most cases, the bullying is not via cyberspace but in the gym, the cafeteria, the school hallway.

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YourTurn winners: To vote or not to vote?

More than 80 teens responded to ThreeSixty’s YourTurn that asked if they would vote Nov. 2 if they could, even if they aren’t 18. Their responses surprised us.

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