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When it comes to growing up, what happens in Miami should stay in Miami

A move to Minnesota meant ThreeSixty writer Simone Cazares could grow up at a slower pace. That’s a good thing.

Bridging the age gap: Older guy + younger girl = trouble, right?

Having a partner who is much older or younger has become somewhat trendy among young adults. But are there greater risks to consider with a large age gap between partners?

Prostitution unmasked: Campaign reveals the pain of teen victims

Organizations led by the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota are rallying for change and working to end the sexual exploitation of teen girls.

Isaura Greene

7th grader stands up for what she believes in

One day in seventh grade, my friend Sydney stood up for what she believed in. She went up to the philosophy and social studies teachers for the lower-classmen in my school, Great River School, and asked if there was a GSA, which stands for Gay-Straight Alliance.

Alex Brownrigg, 16, chooses not to have sex because her father would disapprove.

I'm not ready

Minnesota teens have many reasons they give for why they wait to have sex.

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New online H.S. for GLBTQ students

In January 2010, a new online school opened in Minnesota for GLBTQ students.

Dr. Michele Van Vranken, a physician at TAMS

Keeping it confidential: Many teens lack access to contraceptive services and mental health care

Kristin Makin, 25, wanted to get medical care without her parents finding out when she was a sexually active minor. She needed access to birth control in a confidential and teen-friendly setting.

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Salud spoken here: Lake Street clinic serves Latino teens and parents

After Sarai Hernandez-Ramirez had her son Brian two years ago, her mother expected her to quit school and stay home to care for him. But staff who run the Aqui para Ti program at Hennepin East Lake Clinic want Sarai back in school.

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Stealth attack: Minnesota’s most common STI often has no symptoms

Curing chlamydia takes just one dose of an antibiotic, but it’s hard to cure Minnesota’s most common sexually transmitted infection when more than three of four victims don’t know they have it.

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Mixed message: Minnesota teens smoke and drink less, but are fatter and more likely to be hurt by guns

The concept of health goes a lot deeper than how many fruits and vegetables a person eats each day.

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