For Muslim teen, her spiritual journey is just beginning

The first time I ever fasted from sunrise until sunset in Ramadan was when I was five years old in Algeria. I saw it as something really cool because my mom told me if I fasted the whole day she would buy me a gift as a reward. But I remember when I still had two more hours left to fast, I went into the kitchen and saw something which looked like orange juice inside a big glass bowl. Not knowing exactly what it was, I wanted to taste it. I eventually found out that it was actually a lot of melted butter that my mom was going to use for making sweets. When I told my mom, she took me to the bathroom so she could wash my mouth out because I only tasted the melted butter with my tongue, and I did not break my fast because I did not swallow any.

Religious teens balance beliefs and pop culture

When Tiffany Trawick arrived as a freshman at DeLaSalle High School from a strict Christian school, she found so many things offensive: twerking, swearing. But she quickly understood she couldn’t reject all of her peers’ culture without them rejecting her.

Reactions to election evenly mixed at surburban Catholic school

It seemed that nearly half of the Catholic school students were upset their beloved McCain had lost: wearing red to support the support the Republican party, posting Facebook statuses questioning America’s future, and even threatening to move to Canada.But for every McCain supporter, there was an equally passionate Democrat at Benilde-St. Margaret’s.

All you could wish for This Christmas

Imagine your feelings of joy and laughter wrapped into one package: the joy of going home. “This Christmas,” a Sony Pictures film, is a story of The Whitfield household, a close-knit African American family, reuniting for the holidays. All seven of the Whitfield siblings and guests, some unexpected, have found their way home for the first time in four years.

Fred Claus; Christmas fun both naughty AND nice

Like Christmas songs and Christmas cookies, Fred Claus comes from the same cutter as the Christmas movies before it. Mixed with themes similar to 2003’s Elf, and 1994’s The Santa Clause, director David Dobkin’s blends this generation’s holiday favorites into a naughty but nice holiday.

Methodist church attracts more youth

{{“Methodist church attracts more youth”}} by Matthew Smith, Como Park High School

Former crack user is a sister to 'sisters'

{{“Former crack user is a sister to ‘sisters’”}} by Tiana Daun, Patrick Henry High School

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