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Christmas on January 7th

Forget shiny presents and delicious sugar cookies, Orthodox Christmas is orthodox. It is totally unlike the wonderfully commercialized Christmas most people celebrate in the United States.

New memorial fills void by honoring children lost before birth

When Anne Judine Knudsen, 56, saw the engraved names of her two babies lost through miscarriage on the “Unborn Memorial” wall in Delano, Minn., she cried.

Zamzam Abdirahman feels pressure to choose one group of friends over another

Refusing to choose

I never believed that people at my high school would start to look at me as the Somali girl, and not Zamzam anymore. But that’s what happened when the Somali population at school more than tripled in five years.

Hmong shaman ceremony

Hmong preteen next in line to become shaman

Kamolchai Hang, 12, of St. Paul, could become the next shaman in his Hmong family, continuing a religious tradition of more than 1,000 years.

House MC, Gerald Shepherd, 30, of Minneapolis

Rapping for the Lord

The services at Urban Jerusalem Four Square Church in north Minneapolis may look and sound like a club with lights and bumping beats, but when you listen to the music, the lyrics of the songs are about God and Jesus Christ.

Ready Htoo's family fled Burma when he was only 4 years old.

Fleeing persecution, Karen teen at home in Minnesota

When Ready Htoo tried his first hot dog in America he loved it – until he found out what it was called.

Alex Brownrigg, 16, chooses not to have sex because her father would disapprove.

I'm not ready

Minnesota teens have many reasons they give for why they wait to have sex.

Salwa holds up the purple, sequined dress she wore to PROM 2009

Future of prom for Muslim girls' in doubt

When their Islamic belief in modesty conflicted with being able to go to school prom, a group of Muslim women decided to host a dance just for girls so they could let their hair down, glam up in gowns, and dance the night away — no boys allowed.

Christmas used to involve less presents

Christmas had less presents, same amount of love

When 81-year-old Jim Burns was celebrating Christmas as a kid, it was the only time of year he received a present.

What freedom are you most thankful for in America?

The freedom of press
The freedom of speech
The freedom of religion
The freedom to vote
The right to own a gun or weapon
Protection from unreasonable searches of belongings
My favorite freedom isn’t listed
I don’t think I have much freedom
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