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ThreeSixty Journalism's December/January Print Magazine

ThreeSixty Journalism's December/January Print Magazine

Disagreements between parents and teens are common, even expected. But sometimes things go wildly wrong. Read stories about problems with parents in our new issue. Our reporters also report on adopting a teenager, immigrants trying to keep and share their culture, and cheap ways for teens to have fun and eat good food.

September 2011 Issue

ThreeSixty Journalism's September 2011 Print Magazine

In this issue, ThreeSixty Journalism reporters explore climate change, the teen brain, blind dating, sports concussions and much more.

Cover of ThreeSixty's April/May print magazine

ThreeSixty's April/May Print Magazine

Results from a 2010 survey of Minnesota students reveals teens are getting smarter about things like smoking, drinking and even wearing seat belts. In this issue, we report why, and also about the growing popularity of online schools, the battle against cellphones in school, why young men in North Minneapolis are the most likely to be shot, and much more!

ThreeSixty's February/March print magazine

ThreeSixty's February/March Print Magazine

In this issue, ThreeSixty reporters explore whether or not college is worth the cost, and how to afford it. Plus essays and articles about everything from an African-American teen girl “going natural” with her hair to how loving a sports team can be a one-way relationship.

Fighting failure

ThreeSixty's December/January Print Magazine

Why do so many Minnesota teens drop out of school? What are schools and students doing to turn that around? You’ll find answers in ThreeSixty’s second quarterly magazine, which is being delivered to high schools and libraries in Hennepin and Ramsey counties in early December.

ThreeSixty is now in print!

Starting this fall, ThreeSixty is publishing a quarterly magazine with timely, engaging articles, essays and visuals for and by Minnesota teens. All this content and more is available on

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