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ThreeSixty Magazine, Oct. 2014

Ask any adult about the success they've achieved and they're bound to cite the importance of mentorship when they were younger. Could be a parent.

ThreeSixty Magazine, May 2014

Some are comfortable defining themselves at an early age. Others are content searching for the answers in adulthood. If the answers ever come, that is.

ThreeSixty Magazine, March 2014

It began with a simple story pitch. “I want to write about low-key racism in schools,” ThreeSixty writer Amira Warren-Yearby proposed at our first fall editorial board meeting. Our response: Tell us more.

ThreeSixty's December 2013 Print Magazine

It didn’t matter that some couldn’t even vote yet. Young voices helped shape this year’s historic political battle to pass same sex marriage legislation in Minnesota by phone banking, door knocking, and perhaps most important of all, talking about their families.

ThreeSixty's September 2013 Print Magazine

If you’re going to spend several weeks of summer batting around story ideas inside a classroom, it better be about something teenagers know. And teenagers definitely know about technology.

May 2013 Issue

ThreeSixty Journalism's May 2013 Print Magazine

The school year may be wrapping up, but our students didn’t put the brakes on producing awesome content for our last issue of this cycle! There are plenty of profound personal essays that will likely provoke your own reflection. You’ll also find reported pieces that focus on significant local topics. The May 2013 issue is not one to miss!

ThreeSixty Journalism's March 2013 print magazine

What’s the state of marijuana legalization in Minnesota? And what are teen attitudes toward the drug? How does living with a terminal form of cancer change a 17-year-old’s perspective on life? And is age just a number when it comes to youth dating? A whole lotta questions with a whole lotta answers can be found in our March 2013 issue.

December 2012 Issue

ThreeSixty Journalism's December 2012 Print Magazine

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, teen prostitution, local musician John Mark Nelson, unique careers, studying abroad, teens in the circus. Are you intrigued yet? You’ll find all of this content and more as you enjoy our December 2012 issue.

September 2012 Issue

ThreeSixty Journalism's September 2012 Print Magazine

This issue of the ThreeSixty Journalism magazine features collections of stories on the upcoming election, as well as thoughtful essays examining whether race still matters in America and much, much more!

February/March 2012 Magazine Issue

ThreeSixty Journalism's February/March 2012 Print Magazine

Thousands of Minnesota teens are homeless at some point each year. ThreeSixty reporters bring you stories about life as a homeless teen, and about the huge wave of support for a paralyzed hockey player, ways to make history for Black History Month, the complications that come with being adopted, living with blended senses, and much more.

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