@16: Chris Coleman turns passion for St. Paul into productive tenure as mayor

The St. Paul mayor cruised to his recent re-election, but in his spare time, he prefers to cruise on his bike through the much beloved “city of neighborhoods.”

Personal pride: Teens, same-sex parents reflect on historic fight for marriage equality

It didn’t matter that some couldn’t even vote yet. Young voices helped shape this year’s historic political battle to pass same sex marriage legislation in Minnesota.

Secret's out: Q&A with Richard Carlbom of Freedom to Marry

When Richard Carlbom gets married this month, it’ll be the culmination of everything he’s worked for in Minnesota.

Test of faith: Shift in beliefs led to affirmative yes vote for marriage amendment

As the same-sex marriage celebrations continue, one St. Thomas student reflects on her own beliefs—and how dedicating herself to religion may have changed her vote, but (hopefully) not her friendships.

Budding debate: Minnesota teens argue whether marijuana should be legalized

With votes considered unthinkable a decade ago, residents of Colorado and Washington are free to breathe in new freedoms thanks to the legalization of marijuana last November—a first in the U.S.

When the smoke clears: What are teen attitudes about marijuana use?

Marijuana doesn’t get the full court press like alcohol or tobacco. So what do teens think about pro-pot legislation and recent studies that show an intelligence drop-off from frequent usage?

When the smoke clears: Could marijuana legislation arrive on Minnesota's doorstep?

With votes considered unthinkable a decade ago, residents of Colorado and Washington are free to breathe in new freedoms thanks to the legalization of marijuana last November — a first in the U.S.

Exploring education differences: What are the pros and cons of studying in America? Overseas?

Sure, American students get a bad rap for how they perform on standardized tests.

YourTurn winners: Advice for President Obama's second term

Check your inbox, President Obama. You’ve got mail from our contest winners.

@16: Mayor R.T. Rybak talks teen years, social media and his 'dream job'

R.T. Rybak can’t imagine living anywhere but Minneapolis.

For him, there’s nothing better than looking out the window and marveling at the falling Minnesota snow. Yet as mayor of Minnesota’s largest city, he always has to wonder how the plows are doing.

Making every voice count (and reaching one stubborn dad)

One ThreeSixty alum discovered that mobilizing an election effort is a monumental task. Getting your dad to vote? Well, that’s even tougher.


Election Day 2012: 'I Voted' sticker symbolizes adulthood for one teen writer

What a rush! It’s Election Day! Newly-minted 18-year-old and ThreeSixty writer Mary Meehan reflects on her first time at the election booth.

Chris Kluwe fires up 'Vote No' crowd at Hell's Kitchen fundraiser

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe and his band, Tripping Icarus, helped rally the troops at a packed Hell’s Kitchen fundraiser for Minnesotans United for All Families late Thursday.

Do you think there is a political divide between the young and the old?

Students rally at a protest for immigrant rights.

A DREAM come true: Executive order allows young, illegal immigrants to stay in U.S.

Victor, 18, was only four years old when his parents brought him into the United States illegally. He was far too young to have made that choice, which is why he approves of the Obama Administration’s new executive action, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

A group of young voters discusses the Voter ID amendment.

Teens know little about Photo ID amendment

This fall, voters in Minnesota will decide on two amendments that would change the state’s constitution. Many people know about the marriage amendment, but of more than a dozen teens interviewed for this article, few knew about the photo ID amendment.

Photo of President Barack Obama on the left and candidate Mitt Romney on right.

Election 2012

This package includes articles about young voters and the issue that matter to them and profiles of young political activists who support Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

Matt Smriga, director of campus organizing with the Minnesota State University S

Political parties and student groups urge youth to vote

In 2008, young voters helped make Barack Obama the president, but the high turnout of people aged 18-29 is not expected to be repeated this year.

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie

Photo ID for voting: Protecting against fraud or discouraging the young from voting?

In this fall’s 2012 elections, not only do Minnesotan voters need to vote on political candidates. They need to cast a vote about voting.

Bob Koss, 25, of St. Paul supports Mitt Romney for president in 2012.

Mitt Romney supporter: Less government, stricter immigration

Bob Koss, 25, of St. Paul hopes he can help presidential candidate Mitt Romney make history in Minnesota, which has voted for Democrats in the last nine presidential elections.

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