Ketchup is a vegetable, right?

Nice try. Ketchup does not count as a vegetable. Two courageous teens tracked their diets for three days in a food journal and turned them into a nutritionist to see how well they are eating.

Sinthia's food journal

I just noticed that I ate hamburgers at school more than twice in less than a week. That is so bad, but I think that I’m going to keep doing this (journal) because it helps me see how my nutrition is doing.

Jeremiah's food journal

Jeremiah, 15, of Minneapolis, has high blood pressure.


Special Project: Get the dish on nutrition

Only 1 in 10 high school students eats the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables daily.

Exercise and nutrition tips from teen fitness expert

Poor diets affect teens significantly because they’re still developing and they could develop a dangerously slow metabolism or be overweight for the better part of their lives.

Teens with chronic health conditions turn to specialized St. Paul health clinic

Following a workout, Beau Karlen, 20, hurls a ball at one of his fitness instructors at the Institute for Exercise Medicine & Prevention.


Essay: Diabetes diagnosis shocking and scary

Only five days before my 18th birthday, I was kind of happy about it, but I was feeling weird changes in my body: my mouth was very dry and I’d had vaginal infections. In the beginning, I wanted to think that that it wasn’t related to possibly having diabetes, but I kind of suspected it because I come from a diabetic family.

Essay: Teen vegetarian goes back to eating meat

I am an animal lover. When I see a worm on the sidewalk, I’ll pick it up and put it in dirt so it doesn’t get squished or dry out. I believe animals should have the same rights as humans, so for me, going vegetarian seemed to be a perfectly logical and easy decision.

My parents saw it differently, however. They thought I wouldn’t be able to get proper nutrition without the protein I got from eating meat.

School lunch fruits and veggies unappetizing, say teens

Deep-fried food is no longer served at Central Senior High in St. Paul.

“The food nutrition people came and took out all our deep fryers! Did you know,” asked Wanda Christensen, the high school’s cafeteria supervisor. “Everything from now on, including our fries, (is) baked now.”

Eating fries instead of fruit makes you age faster, and not in a good way

Our parents have been trying to make us eat vegetables and fruits since birth to try and keep us healthy, but as we grow into our pre-teen and teen years, our parents start to let us have more choices of our own. One of these is choosing what we eat. It seems teens prefer bad foods, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

ADD drugs? Not easy to take

As a ninth grader I forgot my trumpet at school, I forgot to turn in homework that I had worked on three hours the night before, and it took me two hours to memorize twenty Spanish vocabulary words. My handwriting was like a third graders’.

My name is Joe Heimerl. I am a junior at New Prague High School. I have Attention Deficit Disorder, better known as ADD.

Scholarships can tempt injured teen athletes to play

As high school athletics become more competitive, many injured athletes rush their rehabilitation and come back early in hopes of achieving an athletic scholarship.

“College scouts, once they actually know that your injured, they’ll cut you off at that point, because than they can get someone who’s good and didn’t have a leg or an arm injury,” said Mychal Frelix, a linebacker and freshman at the University of St. Thomas.

Schools see growth in GLBT support groups

Homophobia hurts, which Helen Sarka knows first-hand. One day, Helen’s mother came to pick her up from school and her girlfriend gave her a goodbye kiss.

“These girls were, like, ‘Oh my god, ew Ugh. You’re going to hell, dykes!’ and they didn’t stop yelling ‘till I got in the car,” Helen said.

Smoking shouldn't be a family tradition

I remember the day I rode around the resort in a golf cart with my grandfather and we just talked. That was the last time I was with him. I watched him struggle with the effects of emphysema for about two years before he passed away last year when I was just 13.

His death made me think a lot about how families influence habits like smoking. And it made me worry about my parents, grandma and other relatives, who all smoke.

H1N1 sends 4-H youth home from state fair

An outbreak of the H1N1 virus at the 4-H Complex of the Minnesota State Fair sent 120 youth home Sept. 3.

A large percentage of the youth sent home came from the Arts In group, a youth theater program through 4-H.

Teen prevents suicide on Hennepin Bridge

Kris Mitchell was walking home from work across the Hennepin Bridge like usual on April 15 when he noticed something unusual – a man standing on the edge of the bridge. “Two thoughts went through my head: either he was a daredevil and he’s just messing around, or he’s going to jump,” Kris said.

Just a party or danger zone?

Like a cheetah hunting zebra, the arrival of police officers at a house party causes a herd of teenagers to scatter all directions. Following their survival instincts, the fearful teens flee out of the walkout basement door and then try to scale a white picket fence bordering the yard. Instead, the pack ends up trampling the fence down while the police officers, shaking their heads, look on.

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CHECK IT OUT: Teens make videos about buckling up

Wayzata senior Matt Ferro actually turned to the Plymouth Fire Department to help him set up a car crash for a film that encourages teens to buckle up.

Despite all precautions, sometimes flies get in the deli case


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