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12 Weeks to Fitness: Eat This!

My second week of the program was full of habit breaking and choices at every snack and meal, although caffeine and junk food continued to be temptations. This week’s post is about my past and current eating habits.

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12 Weeks to Fitness: Introduction and Reset

Sweat drips down my face as I smile in victory. Exhausted and beat down by the fierce competition of a one-on-one basketball game, my opponent and I shake hands and go to McDonald’s. I order my usual Big Mac meal — super-sized, of course — with a huge cup of Mello Yello. Next, I completely demolish any fitness beneifts from my two-hour workout!

Support for paralyzed H.S. hockey player "Jabby" goes digital, global

Even Charlie Sheen was asked through Twitter to support injured Benilde-St. Margaret’s hockey player Jack Jablonski.

Isaura Greene

Life with Synesthesia

Synesthesia is a condition that causes you to experience one sense at the same time as another. In reporter Isaura Greene’s case, numbers have colors — 15 is a beautiful green-blue.

Will the new school lunch program (less sodium & fat) help improve teens' eating habits?

Isaura Greene, Great River School

I m :(

Every day, the typical teen goes on Facebook, but some doctors are worried social networking sites may cause or contribute to depression in teens.

Josh Luger, 17, gets ready to snap the ball to the Breck School’s quarterback.

Sports and concussions, is it worth the risk?

When Josh Luger, 17, of Minneapolis, snapped the ball back to the quarterback in an November 2009 varsity football game, the next few seconds changed his life.

Freaky facts about your brain

Your brain is about 2 percent of your total body weight but uses 20 percent of your body’s energy, so thinking does burn calories.

ThreeSixty Journalism Intermediate camp 2011

Earth warming? Read about businesses, individuals and schools finding ways to heal the planet.

Homepage illustration by Emy Young of Minnesota State University, Mankato

Is the climate changing? If so, is human behavior responsible? And if that’s the case, can changing our behavior help the planet?

Fifteen high school students from throughout the Twin Cities examined those questions during ThreeSixty Journalism’s residential camp on the environment from June 19 to July 1 at the University of St. Thomas.

ThreeSixty Journalism reporter produces online and radio story for Minnesota Public Radio

It is a proud day here at ThreeSixty Journalism. Grace Pastoor, one of our veteran reporters, had her voice grace the airwaves at 6:50 and 8:40 a.m. this morning on Minnesota Public Radio with a fantastic story about bullying from the teen perspective.

2010 Minnesota Student Survey results show positive trends

Heading in the right direction

How do Minnesota teens feel about their teachers, friends and parents? Are they smoking or drinking less? How does that differ from teens in years past? According to a survey of 9th and 12th graders, the news is mostly good.

Alex Brownrigg, 16, chooses not to have sex because her father would disapprove.

I'm not ready

Minnesota teens have many reasons they give for why they wait to have sex.

Minnesota teens: Smarter and safer

Teens are buckling up more and smoking less, a statewide survey shows.

Painting of a school bus

Breathing easier

A state program has helped clean up the exhaust from thousands of school buses.

Teen guys most likely to be shot in Minnesota

Gunning for trouble

When Joe, a 21-year-old high school student from Minneapolis, was shot last November, he was sure someone was trying to kill him. He knows who shot him and is sure it was gang-related, but he doesn’t want the police involved. Joe’s story reflects who’s most likely to get shot in Minnesota.

Girl overrun with input about her college decision

Not sure what you want to be? Research can help you decide.

Through research, Sinthia discovers a career choice she thought was the right one might not be for her.

Patience before and after her big chop

My hair is a statement I never planned to make

More than a year ago, Patience Zalanga decided to “go natural” and stop chemically relaxing hair. After cutting it off in a “big chop,” this St. Paul teen’s hair took her on a journey of discovery about just how much of a statement hair can be.

Solome Tibebu started a website at 15 to help teens with anxiety

15-year-old builds website to help teens with anxiety and stress

When Solome Tibebu, 20, was a teenager, her anxiety was so severe that she didn’t even want to be left home alone when her mother took their dog for a walk.

Norma Jimenez

When a parent has cancer, it attacks the whole family

When Norma Jimenez’s mother was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for the second time, Norma realized that a life can end at any moment.

Cassie Ruha, 18, got this angel tattoo at 16 in memory of her grandfather

It's the law: no more tattoos for minors

Two years ago, Cassie Ruha got a tattoo of an angel on her back after her grandfather’s passing.

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