Lonely at lunch

I walked into the lunchroom and sat down at my usual spot, next to Kyle, across from Mr. E, and adjacent to Mr. J. The room smelt terrible, like bad food and kids who wear cheap cologne. I shot a glance at Kyle and gave him a nod. He returned the gesture.

The Ups and Downs of Lunch

Lunch is my favorite time during school. Mostly everyone can agree that it is the time during our day where we get to unleash our frustrations or feelings before we have to go back to reality. Not to mention fill the empty holes in our stomachs.

Lunchroom Utopia

FOOD! Yes!

The long wait is over!

Scuff Scuff

Excuse me!! Hot food coming through! Excuse me!! I just want a fork! Can someone pleeease hand me a fork?
OMG! This line is like to Canada or something!

Clink Clink Clink

Dude, you suck! How can you take the last piece!

Are You Serious! This is the second time I’ve seen her go get food! And I’m Still in line for the first!

Shelly, could I get a ice cream treat?

Ha Ha Ha

All at once these sounds individually come together in an orchestra in the lunchroom.

The Average Lunch Room

The Preps, Jocks, average Jo’s, Nerds, Punks, and Goths; you don’t exactly need a tour to figure out which table falls into what category.When you enter the lunch room you are entering the center of all gossip in the making. Lunch is the only extended period of time during the day where you are allowed to talk and in high school, 90% of the time that means gossip.

More Than Just a Place to Eat

During school hours the cafeteria is where most students go to eat a mediocre lunch, but after the last bell of the day rings it turns into a multitude of things. The cafeteria is more then just a place where I eat school lunch, it is a sanctuary.

Sneaking out and standing alone

When I was a freshman I was not satisfied with the cafeteria or its “food”. Unfortunately you couldn’t go outside as an underclassman, so I was left with two options: Learn to live with worthless cafeteria and its brainwashed population, or find a way to get outside.

Your tales from the lunchroom

High school lunchrooms are places of gossip, sanctuary and loneliness. There are fights and friendship, cliques and comfort. Chicken patties and tacos are something to look forward to. Pizza and fish can be nasty.

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Dan Becker, Harding Senior High School Lonely at lunch

Dominik Marrone, Southwest High School Sneaking out and standing alone

Mackenzie Knack, Faribault High School The ups and downs of lunch

Doing lunch: at Patrick Henry students mix it up

It’s 12:40, yet another day at Patrick Henry High School in Minneapolis, and the bell is just ringing for lunch. We walk into the lunchroom and see groups of kids rush into two lunch lines, anxiously pushing and talking passing the time while waiting to get their food. We see the vast diversity of Minneapolis public schools, the ‘Thugs’, ‘Asians’, ‘Jocks’, and ‘Goths’, but at lunch, it looks like one big mob. We smell a combination of over-cooked food and sweat. Half an hour. That’s it. Thirty minutes to get in line, be pushed around and eat. This is our only break, our only social time.

The misperceptions and realities of high school all come to life in the lunchroom. Our school is half African American a third Asian and 13 percent white and the smaller groups are Hispanic and Native American. There are distinct tables- specific groups of friends that hang out with each other. But at least in this public school we divide more by interests than by race. And when there are fights they usually come from personal dramas- he said-she said- than ethnic tensions.

What's so cool about Caribou?

Jake Holden is the face of Caribou Coffee’s teen market.

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