Simmering acceptance: Embarrassment over cultural cuisine isn’t always easy to swallow

In any gathering of Asian people, there will always be food.

This past summer, I was selected to play Fredericka from Stephen Sondheim’s “A Little Night Music” with Mu Performing Arts, a nationally

Sweet science: Meet the man behind Patisserie 46’s chocolate-inspired masterpieces

Meet chocolatier Joshua Werner in our second installment of “The Way I Work,” a regular ThreeSixty feature aimed at providing insight into unique and interesting career fields.

Fresh, fast and for students: La Fresca targets teens at nearby Washburn High

When he was only 13, Hector Ruiz left the comfort of Morelos, Mexico for something unfamiliar. Now with his third restaurant, he’s inching closer to a fully realized American dream.

Students take a bite out of new, healthier school lunchroom regulations

On first look during the new school year, it wouldn’t seem much has changed at Central High School in St. Paul.

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12 Weeks to Fitness: Sticking to My Diet

In my previous post, I talked about what my new diet consists of. However, mixing it into my life is a different story. I was used to eating what was easiest to grab on-the-go. I needed to find snacks that were small, healthy and of course, delicious. I have come up with alternative snacks to adapt to my lifestyle. These have improved my energy and helped me eat well.

No Hassles Food Shelf

Feeding Teens

In August, Brooklyn Mosaic United Methodist Church opened a food shelf just for homeless teenagers after area schools reported a large increase in homeless students.

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12 Weeks to Fitness: Eat This!

My second week of the program was full of habit breaking and choices at every snack and meal, although caffeine and junk food continued to be temptations. This week’s post is about my past and current eating habits.

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12 Weeks to Fitness: Introduction and Reset

Sweat drips down my face as I smile in victory. Exhausted and beat down by the fierce competition of a one-on-one basketball game, my opponent and I shake hands and go to McDonald’s. I order my usual Big Mac meal — super-sized, of course — with a huge cup of Mello Yello. Next, I completely demolish any fitness beneifts from my two-hour workout!

What's your favorite cake flavor?

What's your favorite sweethearts candy saying?

Restaurant review: Citizen Café

Once the sun sets, the candles come out at Citizen Café in South Minneapolis. The lights dim, creating a very romantic setting; it would be perfect for couples on Valentine’s Day.

Aching for home

In this package of stories, ThreeSixty reporters bring you stories about the more than 2,000 teens estimated to be homeless on any given night in Minnesota.

No Hassles Food shelf is just one of many places teens can turn to for help.

Places to find help for homeless teens

If you’re a homeless teen, or know someone who’s in need of help with anything from health care to school work to a hot meal, here are some places to find it

Will the new school lunch program (less sodium & fat) help improve teens' eating habits?

Dining Solo: Recipes for the time-strapped teen

Dining Solo: Recipes for the time-strapped teen

It’s actually pretty easy to take some time and learn to cook rather than subsist on Ramen noodles and Hot Pockets.

What do you most look forward to during Thanksgiving?

Anchor Fish and Chips restaurant review

Sinthia's scrumptious selections

Restaurant review: Anchor Fish & Chips

Drop all thoughts of eating French fries with ketchup and battered fish with tartar sauce if you want to have the true experience of tasting Irish-style food at Anchor Fish & Chips in Northeast Minneapolis.


What on-a-stick food are you most excited about eating at the 2011 Minnesota State Fair?

Where’s the best ice cream in the Twin Cities?

Workers at the Corn Roast booth hold up their product.

Top 6 most popular Minnesota State Fair foods

The chance to eat alligator and camel are enticing, but the most popular foods at the Minnesota State Fair are old classics.

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