Style in the bargain aisle: Thrift shopping gives teens options

Big brands still hold sway among mall dwellers, but with an increasing eye on variety and affordability, thrift shopping is making a fashionable dent.

Keeping it classy for prom

Keeping it classy for prom

Having gone to the majority of dances at St. Paul Central High School for the past four years, I have seen my fair share of clothes on girls. From long maroon silk dresses to tight bandage dresses with short cutoffs, I believed that I had seen every kind of dress imaginable (in my opinion, some should be considered shirts).

For prom though, I imagined that both girls and guys would keep it classy.

How many pairs of shoes does a person need?

Patience before and after her big chop

My hair is a statement I never planned to make

More than a year ago, Patience Zalanga decided to “go natural” and stop chemically relaxing hair. After cutting it off in a “big chop,” this St. Paul teen’s hair took her on a journey of discovery about just how much of a statement hair can be.

Money Talk - Smart Shopping 101: Frugal back-to-school

Are you a teen looking to save money on clothing? You are not alone. According to, teen retail spending is down 14 percent this year. But it is not necessary to sacrifice your style to cut down on spending. Here are 12 easy ways to spend less and still look good.

Fashion trend has roots in ancient history

Gladiator footwear was serious business 2,000 years ago when Roman warriors would wear them during battles, complete with over-the-knee plates to protect their shins. Today they are spreading quickly from retail stores to the streets with prices as low as $20 to as high as hundreds of dollars.

Dressing for school -- one school's limits

There’s a dress code at Humboldt Senior High School, on St. Paul’s west side, but many students don’t follow the rules. Reporters Amanda Heiple, Celina Martina and Kihabeth Martinez, who are freshmen at Humboldt, survey students, staff and teachers about what the dress code is for and how it works.

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