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youth gathered on April 3 outside the Brian Coyle Center in Minneapolis

Al-Shabab’s actions hit home in Minnesota: Locals speak out against Somalia-based Islamist militant group’s attack in Kenya

“Stop Al-Shabab barbaric terror.”

“We stand with Garissa University.”

“Down (with) extremist Al-Shabab ideology.”

Fartun Weli

Coming back to your community: A nonprofit aimed at Somali women pushes for empowerment, education

Walking through the Sabathani Community Center in Minneapolis, a long, winding hallway greets me. The lighting is dim and the walls are bare.

Shining stars: Stargirl Initiative aims to help young girls feel empowered

A humble endeavor by one South Minneapolis mother from Ghana aims to help young girls feel better about their self-image and self worth.

Fresh, fast and for students: La Fresca targets teens at nearby Washburn High

When he was only 13, Hector Ruiz left the comfort of Morelos, Mexico for something unfamiliar. Now with his third restaurant, he’s inching closer to a fully realized American dream.

My life in east St. Paul: What you learn here shapes who you are, how to get out

“Trust none.” It might not be an original motto only said in east St. Paul, but it’s one that several teenagers swear by on this side of town.

Student voices: What does living in east St. Paul mean to you?

We asked several members of the student council at Johnson High School to share snapshots of their life so readers could see the neighborhood they know and appreciate—through their eyes.

The cool corner: Teen Tech Center plugs into 21st century

Looking for a place to record music or experiment with Photoshop? Take a peek inside the Minneapolis Central Library’s flashy new Teen Tech Center.

YourTurn winners: Tell us about your neighborhood

We asked readers to share with us the good and bad parts of their MInnesota neighborhoods. As expected, your honesty made these essays truly shine.

@16: Sondra Samuels' tough past guides her promising future

The head of Northside Achievement Zone reflects on her journey from underestimated teen to powerhouse social activist.

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