Nico Machlitt

Live from camp: Getting to know the issues

I have a headache and my brain is filled with too much information. Star Tribune’s Scott Gillespie and former Sen. Dave Durenberger answered our questions about the upcoming elections. Mr.

Maya Shelton-Davies

Live from camp: Bringing our "A" game

Take a seat, get comfortable and hey, while you’re at it go grab yourself some snacks. You see, yesterday was the first “official” day of camp.

Grace Pastoor

Live from camp: Welcoming the 2012 Intermediate Camp participants

Two years ago I arrived at ThreeSixty Journalism’s Intermediate Camp shy, unsure of myself and wondering about my future.

Tilyn Hollis

Live from camp: Four days in, one more to go

Today is day four of this wonderful camp we have all grown to love.

Yesterday, we went to the Twins game and we got to interview the players and manager.

Laila Orsi

Live from camp: I'm not a sports person, but I love this camp

One Week is NOT enough.

This week has gone by way too fast. Tomorrow is already our last day of camp and that makes me sad!

Abdi Sheikh

Live from camp: Meeting a Twins player, the Twins manager and a Twins reporter

Today was a very interesting and fun day at camp. First, we met up in the classroom and then walked over to the bus to take us to Target Field in Minneapolis.

Nick Wagner

Live from camp: Getting prepared to cover the Twins vs Orioles game

Today, the ThreeSixty Journalism Sports Reporting Camp members will be making an excursion across the Mississippi River to Target Field to cover the “Minnes

Jesus Vega

Live from camp: The press conference

It’s the second day of camp and this time, I arrive early hoping to talk to the teacher about how I’m stuck trying to find ideas for my article.

Hamza Ahmed

Live from camp: Reporting from the Tommie's football practice

Today was day two of camp and it was really good. I had a lot of fun today because we did a lot of stuff. I’m really looking forward to this week, and I’m so glad that I joined this camp.

Matt Muenzberg

Live from camp: The future me

After sitting in a classroom for four hours, I realized that our second guest of the day was me.

Well, it wasn’t really me. It was Marcus Fuller, sports writer for the Pioneer Press.

Gino Terrell

Live from camp: Preparing to interview the University of St. Thomas football team

My name is Gino and today was my first day at ThreeSixty Journalism’s Sports Reporting Camp.

Annika Williamson

Live from camp: Being a sports reporter is more than just going to the games

Today we had multiple guest speakers on our first day of Sports Reporting Camp.

Kaia Findlay

Live from camp: Last day of Introduction to Journalism Camp

Last day of camp. It went out with a bang.

A morning of touring the Star Tribune was very interesting.

Kimberly Mao

Live from camp: Lights, Camera, Action

After weeks of researching, interviewing and writing, the teen reporters from the Introduction to Journalism camp went on a field trip to WCCO (for tho

Lorna Liu

Live from camp: Three days left

A few days left with the friends I won’t see unless we make some serious plans. I can’t believe three weeks are already over. It feels like just yesterday I met all these wonderful friends.

Kaia Findlay

Live from camp: Overcoming a bad case of the Mondays

Monday is a day with a bad reputation. Some people believe that nothing good can happen on Monday, and it is useless trying to salvage it.

Isaura Greene

Live from camp: Being psychic at camp

On Thursday, we worked hard on our stories, our first drafts already in. Then we talked about the ethics of journalism, and we acted out some examples.

Selin Kurtoglu

Live from camp: What to do after camp is over

5 days left.

I can’t even fathom how to live my life after camp is over.

I’ll have so much free time!

Amolak Singh

Live from camp: Writing about something I had not heard about before camp

At ThreeSixty Journalism’s Intro to Journalism camp, all of the participants have had to choose a topic to write about.

Laura Shannon

Live from camp: A productive day

I walked into the ThreeSixty Journalism classroom this morning with little comprehension of where I was or what was going on.

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