Juno keeps it real and serious

"Juno's humor and the support of the rest of the cast, give the movie its own personality and pull you back for more."

Juno is set in the ever-changing seasons of Minnesota and follows teenaged Juno (Ellen Page) throughout her nine months of pregnancy and the choices she makes. Everything about this film was perfect, the script, the actors, even the, attitudes of the actors. Juno’s persistent jokes give the film a light-heartedness. She is familiar, like a friend. Although strong and clear about what she wants, she faces problems that she has no control over. The film is set in Minnesota reminding everyone that unplanned pregnancies do happen. Juno just adds a funny twist to make.

Juno is a quirky punk girl who finds out she is pregnant, but she is not a stereotype. She takes a bad situation and makes it funny and can still be serious when need be. “Shut your gob,” is one of her catchphrases. When Juno has sex with her best friend Bleeker (Michael Cera), they are both in for a surprise, and a greater story that in the end, brings the two closer than they ever were before. Juno tells Bleeker she’s pregnant, but plans to get an abortion andan attempt to get tells him that he doesn’t need to come along and does not need to worry. At the clinic, she realizes she can’t “because it smelled like a dentist’s office,” and the story of Juno is secured. She seeks out adoptive parents, the Lorings (Jennifer Garner and Jason Batemen) who add to the story, that keep you guessing and build the tension to the end.

As the seasons change, Juno grows both physically and mentally about her situatuin. She is faced with different problems, her clothes not fitting, her stomach getting bigger, everyone from classmates to random strangers staring at her. Local Minneapolis writer Diablo Cody, 34, has written a true character that everyone can see a little of themselves in. Cody, is winning wide totally awesome reviews and has been nominated for a Golden Globe and an Academy Award.

Director Jason Reitman (The Office, Thank You For Smoking), captures the nervousness of Juno, as she paces back and forth across the living room, getting ready to tell her parent’s that she is pregnant. Reitman does “in your face” shots of Juno and her problems, up against the sunny background of a Minnesota winter as if shedding light on Juno’s enlarging pregnancy.

Page is Juno. You can tell no difference between the actress and the character, because she is a teenager, and she delivers every line with her own kick. “If I could I would just give you the thing, but I am sure it looks like a sea monkey, but let’s wait and let it get cuter.” She tells the Lorings early on in the movie. Everyone should see movie, because it is such a REAL story. Juno’s humor and the support of the rest of the cast, give the movie its own personality and pull you back for more.