Fred Claus; Christmas fun both naughty AND nice

If you enjoyed Elf and the Santa Clause, you'll want to put this movie on your Christmas list.

Like Christmas songs and Christmas cookies, Fred Claus comes from the same cutter as the Christmas movies before it. Mixed with themes similar to 2003’s Elf, and 1994’s The Santa Clause, director David Dobkin’s blends this generation’s holiday favorites into a naughty but nice holiday film.

Claus is the story of the title character, played by Vince Vaughn, who is far from the nice list. Although not as mean as Scrooge, Fred is a liar, a cheat, and not a fan of Santa.

When Fred ends up in jail, we learn that the troublemaker has a famous brother, who just happens to be Santa Claus, played by a not-so-jolly actor Paul Giamatti.

After making a shifty bargain to get Santa to post bail, Fred heads to the North Pole in an agreement he made to pay off the money he borrowed.

The North Pole looks like a blend of every magicland mythical city featured in countless Christmas movies, but it has a host of little elves played by big stars. The most surprising, rapper Ludacris plays the local DJ.

The already depressing story takes a new turn when an efficiency expert, played by actor Kevin Spacey, plans to close down the North Pole.

It’s not until a lesson on brotherly love is taught by the help of cameos from famous brothers Frank Stallone (Sylvester), Roger Clinton (Bill), and Stephen Baldwin (Alec), that the happy ending slowly begins.

If you enjoyed Elf and the Santa Clause, you’ll want to put this movie on your Christmas list. If you’re a Grinch, stay away because you’ll feel the spirit of the season as soon as the soundtrack starts to play and the story unfolds.

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