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Editor's Corner: Growing and improving

TAKE 50 METRO-AREA high school students, bring them to the University of St. Thomas for summer journalism camps, and what do you have?

For starters, a bigger magazine.


Remembering my aunt Maria

Chad FaustPHYSICALLY AND emotionally rocked from the ride down the apple orchard’s hill, I turned around on my sled to look at my aunt, who had been seemingly close behind me the entire time.

Aunt Maria was sprawled out across the snow, bundled in a puffy jacket with her New Balance running shoes facing up and her sled slowly sliding away from her grasp.

Lessons from a broken Venezuelan toilet seat

Sebestian Alfonzo

THE ONLY THING MORE embarrassing than breaking a toilet seat, is breaking a toilet seat in a country where it costs several times more than it does in the U.S.

Take it from a guilty party.

Our flight from the decaying Valencia airport was set to leave in a few hours. My mom had packed for my careless 12-year-old self in exchange for a 

Wrestling with womanhood

Alexis ReavesMY FRIEND AND I were walking the streets of southern France with an almost unbearable heat seeping in from all directions. We were making our way to the beach, burning up, yet still happy to have each other’s company.

A loud honk startled us, and we turned to see an orange-looking old man smiling at us in his car. He began shouting a slew of vulgar things he wanted to do to us, or rather, to our bodies.

Strength can mean more than muscles

IT’S RECESS; every kid’s favorite time during school.

The sun beats down on all of us as we scrape our knees and ruin our clothes. I’m 6 years old, my velcro shoes are covered in mud and grime, and my school uniform is untucked and disheveled.

I run over to my group of friends organizing a game of tag. The instant I get to the group, I hear, “Ooh, Lucas is here!” Initially, I’m excited with the response, eager to spend time with my friends. But what follows is a comment I have never forgotten.

Working hard on my path forward

WALKING INTO A ROOM full of strangers is scary. Especially when you’re the newest and youngest person there.

A lesson in being truly grateful

AS I STARED at the black streaks of slimy, putty-like goo that were thrown onto my bed­room ceiling during my 10th birthday celebration, I resented my living situation.

I hated the fact I shared a tiny bed­room with my older sister and mother in my grandparents’ basement.

Climbing higher, growing stronger

AT AN ELEVATION OF 7,290 feet, we – 40-some American high school students – started hiking up the mountain single file, placing one foot in front of the other while we tried to keep pace with the person in front of us.

Around us, the cold, bleak, snow-capped mountains stood on either side of the closed-in valley, with brown grass signaling the approach of winter. 

The journey with my mother

MY FATHER LEFT on Christmas 2011.

I kind of saw it as a present, rather than a tragedy.

I wouldn’t miss the colored pencil drawings scribbled on the walls, the smell of damp socks, mice poop under furniture, cockroaches creeping through the cracks and dirty dishes on display the majority of the times.

A metro transit bus

A new beginning to the school day

AS ST. PAUL JOHNSON moves its start time an hour later this fall, riding the classic yellow school bus may become a thing of the past for most students.


Young people take a stand with Black Lives Matter

Zeph Kaffey is haunted by the repeated images she has seen of black men and boys dying.


When comedy becomes a sport

Local students learn competitive improv in ComedySportz High School League

INSTEAD OF A FOOTBALL, baseball or frisbee, students in the ComedySportz High School League have been tossing around jokes.

CVE pilot sparks debate among local Somalis, Muslims

Community leaders worry about program’s safeguards against surveillance


Weighing in on the ‘freshman 15’

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t always come easy for college students

JOHNNY MCGIBBON, a senior at the University of St. Thomas, wants to eat healthier, but he says he can’t.


Swimmer graduates early to pursue Olympic dream

Harding grad Simmons hopes to compete on big stage for synchronized swimming 

DELANEY SIMMONS WAS 7 years old when she took up the sport of synchronized swimming, a pursuit that 


Reaching the athletic crossroads

Deciding whether to keep playing can be a difficult choice for athletes 


Beating college essay stress

Successful essays draw on personal experience, experts say

STUDENTS PICK OUT colleges. They fill out applications. And then they have to write essays.


More minority students taking PSEO courses

Participation from students of color up 53 percent since 2007-08


Styling a future in beauty

Hands-on learning, career options among reasons students pick cosmetology school 

TAWNI KRAMER WANTED a job that would help people feel good about themselves inside and out.

Nadiira "Nadirah" Farah speaks to a group of people as part of Genesys Works

The Genesys of a career

Twin Cities nonprofit Genesys Works provides training, internships to students 

A TWIN CITIES PROGRAM is providing a boost for economically-challenged students looking to get a kicksta


Building homes, and a better future

Tree Trust Youthbuild program helps disadvantaged students make a difference, earn diplomas

A METRO-AREA PROGRAM that fixes up houses sold to low-income people also helps young people get t


Far from the ocean, they learn about sea service

Minnesota teens gain sea experience in U.S.


College ambition means burning the 1 a.m. oil

College Possible helps low-income students make college a reality 

RECENT HIGH SCHOOL graduate Augusta Allen had good reason for staying up until 1 a.m. nearly every night.


@16 with Byron Buxton

The Minnesota Twins rookie prospect talks life on and off the baseball diamond 


Top prospect.

Future doctor?

Students hone skills in unique work study program

Cristo Rey program gives students real-world work experience in Twin Cities 

CHRISTIAN MEJIA KNOWS how to stay busy.


Athletes make the call on college

Student-athletes can face difficult choices in picking a school to play for 

RECENT COLLEGE GRADUATE Marvin Singleton would tell any high school athlete not to let anyone, even friends


New sportswear allows Muslim girls to play sports, practice religion

U of M, local girls team up to create culturally sensitive athletic uniforms 

WHEN MUNA MOHAMED was in middle school, she had a hard time finding a private space to play basketball.


My life as a gamer

I CAN FEEL my sweat-encased fingers stick to the keys. The rapid pounding of my heart resounds in my head. I hear the powerful boom of the woman’s voice as we land the winning hit, “Victory!”

More than helping with cleaning

THE BROOM BRUSHED the floor of the kitchen as my mom sighed.

“Mom, do you need help with anything?” I ask.

Becoming resilient, in and out of the pool

IT WAS COLD. Freezing cold. Like the sub-zero temperatures of Antarctica.

Learning from my mother’s sacrifice

THERE SHE WAS, the woman who carried me in her womb with every inch and every muscle of her body for nine straight months, exasperated on the couch next to my 4-year-old sister.

Loving myself

“WE WANT ‘THUNDER Thighs’ on our team,” shouted a classmate.

All the girls in gym class darted their eyes toward me. I had no words. And while most laughed, I ran to the bathroom.

The act of helping

I LURCHED FORWARD in the backseat of my mom’s green minivan, restrained only by my seatbelt, so she could see me in her peripheral vision while driving.

Discovering the power of language

I NERVOUSLY STEPPED through the classroom door­way with my father trailing behind me.

Finding a voice through sports

“WHAT SIZE ARE your shoes?” the man asked.

“What?” I turned to see the only person waiting at the bus stop.

“Your shoes,” he said, gesturing at my feet.

Ready for my life after high school

ABOUT TWO YEARS AGO, I was dorm-room shopping.

I was moving out of the house for the fall semester.

Saying goodbye to my parents.

Meeting my new roommate.


Turning my disappointment into a high note

IT FELT AS IF bandits had banned me from lead clarinetist in my high school band ensemble.

My journey to happiness

I STARE INTO the antique body-length mirror mounted on the wall in the bathroom.

604 pages of the Quran, memorized

AT 4 A.M., MOST TEENAGERS are usually sleeping in their cozy beds. I was 12 and wide awake. Memorizing the Quran.

Finding myself in a foreign country

DESTINATION: Liberia, West Africa.

Travel distance: 7,690 miles.

Mission accomplished.

Beating the blues, with help from the blues

“Music is powerful. As people listen to it, they can be affected. They respond.” —Ray Charles


No other option but success

I SAT IN MY dad’s taxicab waiting for my sister, silently observing all the movement around me.

Summer at ThreeSixty

"All of this has reinforced my desire to become a print journalism"  - Lucas