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ThreeSixty Alumni Spotlight: Ariel Kendall helps young people follow their dreams

As a ThreeSixty Journalism student in 2007, Ariel Kendall developed a love for writing and a passion for helping other people tell their stories.

‘A Night for Somalia’: Event raises funds for Mogadishu bombing victims

On a windy and cold Thanksgiving evening, while others were celebrating the holiday with 


Two options, one future: 18-year-old must decide to leave her U.S. home or move to foreign land

While many high school students are applying to colleges or concerned about grades, Rebecca is worrying about something else.


Tailgating with a twist: Young people serve up healthy foods, fun at Super Bowl party

Tailgating is known for fans parking their cars outside of stadiums hours before football games, grilling hot dogs and drinking cold cans of beer. 


A blueprint for success:Young Women’s Initiative launches plan to ensure bright future for Minnesota women

It wasn’t until college that Brook LaFloe learned there were terms for what she experienced growing up – terms such as domestic violence and alcoholism. 


‘A desperate person’s last hope’: Innocence Project of Minnesota helps free man who spent 11 years behind bars

David Schultz sat down across from Terry Olson at Stillwater Prison, meeting for the first time in a room designated for private attorney-client discussions. 


A pathway of hope for children: Trip to Colombia to help poor families an eye-opener for local teens

Last November, Evelyn Vazquez took a one-week missionary trip to Colombia and was struck by the sight of homeless children and broken down homes without roofs.


More than community service: Service learning projects give students chance to understand issues, offer solutions

At Roseville Area High School, there is a small room that looks like a mini Target


College Essay: Life's Short, Go See the World

When I rushed into at my grandma’s house on the morning of February 26, 2012, she was already dead. I was 8 years old and I knew she was sick. Her death was still sudden and unexpected.

College Essays: Divorce Teaches Independence


College Essays: Music Opens Doors to Opportunities

The beauty of the piano was that it became a large part of who I am. The consonant and dissonant sounds of jazz, classical, and modern music fill my limbic cortex with everlasting joy.

College Essays: Working Hard to Get Ahead

I cook. I clean. And I’m already a parent to my younger siblings.

College Essays: Golf: A Driving Force

My arms were shot. They were heavy and numb. I’d been practicing my swing for three hours straight. But I knew it was the only way I could improve.

College Essays: The Day I Saved My Brother

Flashing in front of me were two worlds that would soon come shattering into millions of pieces at any second: mine and his.

College Essays: Opening Up to Therapy

The door to the doctor’s office creeks open slowly. A thin Indian woman sits down next to me. She’s a psychologist. Concerned, she drowns me with questions.

College Essays: The Fight to Succeed

The first fight of my life was in the forest of my Thai refugee camp. It was hot, so hot, and we battled for three minutes in the first round of our bout. Countless punches struck my stomach.

Gretchen Carlson breaks barriers and blazes trails

The night before Gretchen Carlson quit her job as a Fox News TV host in 2016, she told her 11- and 13-year old children what was about to happen. 

Changing the world, one refugee story at a time: Mohamed Malim is reshaping the refugee narrative in Minnesota.

Mohamed Malim understands what it means to be a refugee. 

In the 1990s, Malim and his family fled from Somalia because of the civil war. They eventually landed in Minnesota.

Mikayla Holmgren: "Dreaming without limits"

Mikayla Holmgren believes in “dreaming without limits,” and that’s exactly what she’s doing. 

Changing the face of justice: Sophia Vuelo Appointed First Hmong-American Judge in Minnesota

On Nov. 30 last year, Gov. Mark Dayton appointed Sophia Vuelo as a district court judge in the second judicial district of Minnesota.

ThreeSixty Focus on… St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter

St. Paul runs in Melvin Carter III’s family. 

ThreeSixty Focus on... Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey

More than a decade ago, Jacob Frey was a young law student running through Minneapolis during the Twin Cities Marathon. It was his first experience in the city.

Shaking up classical music: Grammy-nominated Imani Winds highlights diverse sounds, perspectives

When members of the Imani Winds learned they were nominated for a 2006 Grammy Award, they couldn’t contain their excitement. 

Mental illness in K-pop: Learning from a music star’s apparent suicide

Disclaimer: I wrote this story in memory of Kim Jong-hyun because I’ve also had that feeling of depression and been told to “suck it up,” that I can’t be selfish.


Mental illness and my community: My experiences with the mental health stigma in Ethiopia

When I went to Ethiopia in 2015 to celebrate my uncle graduating from college, I remember watching a story about a woman and her child on the government-run state news.