Election 2012

Election 2012: What will young voters do?

This package includes articles about young voters and the issue that matter to them and profiles of young political activists who support Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. It also includes profiles of families on opposite sides of the marriage amendment, explanations of the Photo ID and marriage amendments and interviews with young Minnesotans who are concerned about international issues.

Democrats and Elephants vie for the youth vote

Voting is easy

I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire life. My parents and I have had serious discussions about the choices I will make. My friends have told me to be careful. I’m a little nervous, but I think I’m ready. Ready to vote.

Matt Smriga, director of campus organizing with the Minnesota State University S

Political parties and student groups urge youth to vote

In 2008, young voters helped make Barack Obama the president, but the high turnout of people aged 18-29 is not expected to be repeated this year.

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie

Photo ID for voting: Protecting against fraud or discouraging the young from voting?

In this fall’s 2012 elections, not only do Minnesotan voters need to vote on political candidates. They need to cast a vote about voting.

Bob Koss, 25, of St. Paul supports Mitt Romney for president in 2012.

Mitt Romney supporter: Less government, stricter immigration

Bob Koss, 25, of St. Paul hopes he can help presidential candidate Mitt Romney make history in Minnesota, which has voted for Democrats in the last nine presidential elections.

Carlos Conway supports Ron Paul for president in 2012.

Ron Paul supporter: Radically smaller government with libertarian social views

Carlos Conway looks like a regular guy: Dark hair, brown eyes, plaid shirt. But when it comes to politics, he’s a radical.

Milate Tibebe’s parents got her involved in politics at a young age.

Obama supporter: Learning early to get involved

Fleeing from persecution, the parents of Melate Tibebe, 19, taught her from childhood to appreciate being a native U.S. citizen, including the importance of being politically active. This summer, she’s working for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

One local Catholic family struggles with its beliefs about the marriage amendmen

Faith and justice: A Catholic family struggles with the marriage amendment

One local Catholic family struggles with its beliefs about the marriage amendment.

Lori Luchsinger and Karen Salmey

Gay marriage as a matter of fairness

For Lori Luchsinger and Karen Salmey, gaining the right to marry is simply a matter of fairness.

Aakib Khaled, 23, Edina, is a business analyst.

Young Minnesotans urge attention for international concerns

As the 2012 presidential race intensifies, the candidates are battling primarily over domestic concerns. But many Americans, especially younger ones, are anxious to hear more discussion of global issues.

Nik Johnson

Disappointed and anxious, young voters unlikely to show up in record numbers this fall

Frustrated by a weak job market and high college costs, many young voters are less excited about this year’s presidential election than they were in 2008.

A group of young voters discusses the Voter ID amendment.

Teens know little about Photo ID amendment

This fall, voters in Minnesota will decide on two amendments that would change the state’s constitution. Many people know about the marriage amendment, but of more than a dozen teens interviewed for this article, few knew about the photo ID amendment.