Election 2010: Will young people vote?

Election 2010

When Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election, many political pundits credited the high youth voter turnout as a deciding factor in his win. Traditionally, when youth actually turn out to the polls, they have a big impact on elections. But young voter — 18-29 — turnout for mid-term elections is often low. Only 43 percent of young voters participated in the 2006 mid-term election in Minnesota.

ThreeSixty reporters investigated what is motivating young voters, and what in politics is driving them away from voting. And Twin Cities teens wrote in to explain why they would or wouldn’t vote in this upcoming election.

Caralyn Tignanelli, 19, and John Madison, 18

Young voters could make impact on the election, if they actually vote

Ashish Upreti sat on a damp curb, one of thousands of Minnesotans in line Oct. 23 to see President Barack Obama speak in support of Democratic Party candidates at the University of Minnesota at a rally. This election, Tues. Nov. 2, will be the 22-year-old’s first time voting.

Election 2010

Bigger classes? Better teachers? How the governors' race matters to teens.

The governors’ election in Minnesota this year can make or break your next school year. Mark Dayton is the DFL candidate, Tom Emmer is the Republican candidate and Tom Horner is the Independence Party candidate. Each is offering something different to the schools if he becomes governor.

Even though I’m not of voting age yet, this election is important to me to see what the candidates have to offer and why this election makes a difference for schools.

David Gilbert-Pederson and Richard Mammen

School board candidate's 20-year-old campaign manager doesn't have high school diploma

David Gilbert-Pederson seems like any other kid fresh out of high school. He is curious about what his crush says about him, has a tremendous appetite, and is shy around new people. But this 20-year-old also manages the campaign of Richard Mammen, one of the Democratic Party’s choices for the Minneapolis school board. But David doesn’t have a high school diploma.

YourTurn winner

YourTurn winners: To vote or not to vote?

More than 80 teens responded to ThreeSixty’s YourTurn that asked if they would vote Nov. 2 if they could, even if they aren’t 18. Their responses surprised us.