Blog: December 2011

Vang Thao

The magic of holiday shopping

I recall one news report on CNN Student News three years ago about deaths on Black Friday. It included a video of an overwhelmingly large crowd in front of the doors of a grocery store.

Emma Carew Grovum

My first journalism mentor

Maria Baca was the first journalism mentor I ever had. In 2002 when I was a student for ThreeSixty Journalism (back then the Urban Journalism Workshop) at the University of St. Thomas, Maria was assigned to help me report and write a story for the special camper-written section for the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press.

Isaura Greene

7th grader stands up for what she believes in

One day in seventh grade, my friend Sydney stood up for what she believed in. She went up to the philosophy and social studies teachers for the lower-classmen in my school, Great River School, and asked if there was a GSA, which stands for Gay-Straight Alliance.