Blog: June 2011

Emy Young

Live from camp: Picking learning and having fun over sleeping

6/30/11: Day 12 of camp

If it’s one thing I’ve learned from ThreeSixty Journalism camp is how to function while being sleep deprived.

I’m sure my mentor would love to hear me say that I was up

Asma Adam

Live from camp: Memories of the past two weeks

6/29/11: Day 11 of camp

As the sun set on the “University of St.

Jake Hall

Live from camp: Deadlines Past, Deadlines Anew

6/28/11: Day 10 of camp

We all had thought it was done. The rest would be easy as the proverbial pie we’ve come to know and love.

David Gustafson

Live from camp: A glimpse into the life of a journalist

6/27/11: Day 9 of camp

I woke up this morning with one word in my head. Deadline.

Dan Baden

Live from camp: The Sunday of adventure

6/26/11: Day 8 of camp

Sunday is supposed to be the Sabbath day. Well, that doesn’t apply to journalists.

Zamzam Abdirahman

Live from camp: Shopping for locally grown food and making dinner

6/25/11: Day 7 of camp

Hi! Hola! Guten Tag!

Gabe Hewitt

Live from camp: Deadline Day

6/24/11: Day 6 of camp

Have you ever had déjà vu?

Corey Kramer

Live from Camp: Learning to ask questions

6/23/11: Day 5 of camp

I came to this camp on Sunday, June 19th looking to learn more about journalism, how it affects us and how it works in general, both the writing and video aspects.

Yusra Mohamud

Live from camp: It's not only about sharpening my skills, it's also about the experience gained

6/22/11: Day 4 of camp

The past couple days at ThreeSixty have been a wonderful experience. I have one of the best mentors that I’ve ever had.