Blog: October 2010

Mary Meehan, ThreeSixty editorial board member

What interviewing the daughter of a cancer survivor taught me

When deciding what to write an article about during ThreeSixty’s Introduction to Journalism Camp in July, one thing that I knew right away is that I wanted to write an emotional piece that would touch others.

That is how I came up with the idea to write about how cancer affects not only the cancer patient, but also their teenage loved ones.

Thom Fladung honored for commitment to diversity

Thom Fladung, editor of the St. Paul PIoneer Press and chair of ThreeSixty’s board of advisers, is quick to explain that his commitment to newsroom diversity isn’t some feel-good gesture. Sixteen percent of his newsroom employees are journalists of color, he explains, because that variety of perspectives and experiences produces a newspaper that better reflects and serves its community.

One caring adult sometimes comes on-line

For those of us who are decades away from high school, it’s easy to forget the loneliness and downright misery for teens who stick out in uncomfortable ways.

Goth, geek, thug, fag, fatso, retard — the terms are fired like bullets. And technology amplifies the hurt into a kind of echo chamber. Thanks to texting, Facebook and e-mail, insults follow students home and broadcast them to a wide network of peers.