Blog: October 2009

Motivations for young journalists

Last spring I attended a training on volunteer management – which many of you may ask, what does volunteer management have to do with writing?

Collaboration key for teen reporters

It’s three days until Halloween and we’ll be working on Saturday while others have visions of free candy dancing through their heads.

Algebra problems bring back the challenge of mastering new skills

A couple of weeks ago, I sat down to help a 13-year-old friend who struggles with math.

Training visual students in high quality journalism

Upon taking the position at ThreeSixty this past July, I had no previous experience in journalism. In fact, the students from this summer probably had more training in journalism than me.


Recruiting teens who don’t like to write

A student at Gordon Parks High School today looked me straight in the eye – honest and open – and told me that he hates to write, that it makes his brain hurt.

I was there recruiting for News Team,

Teens, tests and talking back to the President

Today, ThreeSixty’s staff launches the “Inside the Circle” blog.