Live from Camp: Radio Love


Editor’s note: Each day, one of our 11 student writers at June Intermediate Camp will reflect on life learning the journalism ropes at the University of St. Thomas. Come back each day to revel in the fun (and hard work) of being a ThreeSixty residential camper. Also, check out our student bios, complete with awesome headshots by Aidan Haarman.

Today was a day that we got to match the face to the voice. Visiting the Pioneer Press and Minnesota Public Radio was, in my opinion, the best trip out of our two week stay at St.Thomas. In ThreeSixty, I’ve learned that journalism goes under many categories. And luckily, radio is one of them.

I’ve always been a fan of radio, so to visit the station, again, was more than a dream. Naturally, when I realized we were going to visit the MPR headquarters, I was ecstatic. Leaving with a complimentary book and a stack (literally) of promo CDs really does leave me with a good impression. Because honestly, who doesn’t love free stuff?

To sum it up, I learned a fair amount about the entertainment business Plus, Davanni’s [pizza] is a great way to end the day.

I have had a great two weeks with St.Thomas and must say that what I’ve learned here couldn’t have been learned on my own. The opportunities that I will seize are more than a gift. Thank you, St.Thomas and ThreeSixty. This is now my second family.

Deborah Honore, Intermediate Journalism Camp ’13