Behind the scenes: Interviewing Cloud Cult


As a former arts and entertainment writer, I’m always looking for ways to add a features element to ThreeSixty’s quarterly magazine. Especially if it pertains to the music scene since Minneapolis has fostered so many dynamic bands that continue to release great albums with heavy fanfare.

But mainly, I’m hoping that interviewing musicians about their craft lights a fire under our young writers like it did for me when I first started in journalism. So with that in mind, I contacted one of our busiest students — Ibad Jafri, who, you know, only happens to have written two one-act plays recently — about returning to the fold for a music review. Then I got to thinking about our February publication and how Cloud Cult, one of the Twin Cities’ most prominent bands, has a new album, “Love,” coming out in March. Why not try for an interview?

Thanks to Sue Marcus at Stunt Company, we were able to lock in a time last night with Craig Minowa, Cloud Cult’s lead singer. As a label founder and member of a nationally-prominent band, Craig has certainly done his share of phone interviews. Blah, blah, blah … right? But a little more than halfway through, Craig paused before responding to Ibad’s latest query, then said, “What a great question. You’re really good at this!” — in the sincerest way possible. Of course, I was beaming on the other end of the conference call (in complete silence) as Ibad continued to knock it out of the park.

Now, Ibad may very well be on the path to medical school, law school or, I dunno, the United States presidency. But when you get the approval of your interview subject like that, well, kid’s got a bright future in journalism if he wants one. What a great moment for Ibad and ThreeSixty to experience.

Look for the interview in our February issue. “Love” comes out March 5 on Earthology Records.

— Thomas Rozwadowski, ThreeSixty editor