Live from camp: The last hurrah


August 2, 2012, the last day of camp. I was running off of only an hour and half of sleep and trying to compensate for the loss of time from I was absent both Monday and Tuesday this week due to a college orientation.

When I came back Wednesday August 1st I had to get to work immediately to finish my article and a video that I planned on creating to accompany my article. The video turned out to be more complicated and time consuming than I thought.

I had so much more work to do so I decided instead of waiting to finish on Thursday during class, I would finish the video at home and write the article the next day in class. That turned out to be even more complicated since half of the video files I had saved weren’t compatible with my computer.

I was up until about 4:50 A.M. and still the video wasn’t finished. I woke up at six and was very sleepy. I think I actually got more sleep taking the city bus than I did at home.

Once I arrived to class, I focused only on the writing portion. I had a lot of good ideas running through mind so that made it easier to finish the writing. What I learned when I came back was that making a video should be the very last step in reporting.

Preparation is key for video reporting. Video recording each interview, writing the article and making a script for the video are the necessary steps that need to be done before creating a video report.

Gino Terrell, Introduction to Journalism ’12

Gino Terrell