Live from camp: Picturing progress


Coming into class from the weekend we all were a little bit slow starting out. Right as we came in, Lynda was there talking to us about our story drafts, telling us what she enjoyed about our stories and what we could fix or add to them. As the day went on, some were working on their stories, doing interviews, and I was working on processing photos for the stories.

While everyone was at lunch, I worked on my story and. When everyone came back, Kristopher, Seamus and I went to an interview at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, to interview Youth Program Coordinator Jill Weese. While Seamus was interviewing her, I was photographing the interview and the workshop area where people would made the books. After the interview we went back to St. Thomas and continued working on our stories.

Everyone is hard at work writing their stories, editing pictures and getting all their notes or interviews sorted out. After working hard all day and occasionally goofing off, everyone is ready to go home, relax, and enjoy the rest of the day.

A book display at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Photo by Jennah Benalshaikh

Minnesota Center for Book Arts’ Youth Program Coordinator Jill Weese. Photo by Jennah Benalshaikh

Jennah Benalshaikh, Introduction to Journalism ’12

Jennah Benalshaikh