Live from camp: Four steps to greatness


There are numerous aspects of journalism. Thanks to the technology that we have access to, video journalism is possible. The Internet allows journalists to reach a large audience and make them feel like they’re in the moment. To gain a better perspective of this key concept, reporters break video journalism down into four steps.

Going through the process of actually shooting the video is a complex artistic endeavor. Some stories are spontaneous but most of them require a plan ahead of time that will allow the camera crew and all the writers to produce a story. The average person does not realize how much hard work goes in creating a great video story.

Out of all of the steps taken to create a video story, shooting the video is the most crucial. Documentation allows writers to keep track of the progress they have made in their story. When they play back the film they are analyzing it can be hard to track all the information. After the videographers have completed the first step, logging – reviewing the footage and making notes – can help you to continue to develop your story. Writing and editing are important steps but not as important as the first two crucial steps.

Sam Goldman, Introduction to Journalism ’12

Sam Goldman