Live from camp: An angle's worth a thousand words


Today I took pictures for another camper, Simone, while she did her interview for the story she’s working on. We also explored taking pictures at different angles and using angles to enhance the image. A different angle really changes the perspective the reader has when looking at the picture. I think the angles I like most are the eye-level and ground angles since they seem to be the most pleasing to the eye. It seems that I have a talent for taking pictures, who knew! Maybe I’ll have to invest in a nice camera.

I like taking photos, even if they don’t come out right. Pictures capture a single moment in time that can last forever, a frozen moment in time that passes by in the blink of an eye. Photos may be worth a thousand words as the saying goes, but it’s really up to the beholder to decide if the picture really shines.

Introduction to Journalism student Simone Cazares interviews spoken word artist Lisa Brimmer. Photo by Calista Dunbar

Calista Dunbar, Introduction to Journalism ’12

Calista Dunbar