Live from camp: Moving past the basics


Today we learned more about photojournalism. This morning Mike Ekern, Director of Photography at the University of St. Thomas, came in and taught us what being a photojournalist is all about. He shared some of his experiences being a photojournalist and the challenges he has had. We learned about many different techniques and lenses we could use to take a great picture. He showed us some of the pictures he had taken, told us what kind of lighting he used and how he edited them to tell a story.

After lunch we went over how to crop, write captions for photos, and why it`s important not to mess them up. We learned that you can completely change the meaning of a photo just by how you crop it, and how to write good captions for a story. Later we got to practice by writing our own.

This weekend we get to see what it`s like to be photojournalists ourselves. Our assignment is to tell a story about our neighborhood through photos and make a slide show.

Simone Cazares, Introduction to Journalism ’12