Live from camp: Sophistication in snapshots


Today I not only realized that a picture is worth a million a words, I created a picture that was worth a million words.

The day started off with Mike O’Donnell teaching photography. As a group we learned the difference of taking snap shots compared to professional photo shooting, which turned out to be more complex than I thought.

After learning the basic concepts: the three basic shots, angles, and distances, as well as basic composition we practiced taking professional photos.

Our objective after lunch was to focus on an object and apply what we learned to see how the methods would improve our photography skills. Taking photos with high tech cameras and using Photoshop to tune up the photo helped bring the picture to life.

When it was all said and done there was clearly a difference between snap shots photos and the photos that are taken by photojournalists.

Gino Terrell, Introduction to Journalism ’12

Gino Terrell