Live from camp: Drowning in work


Yesterday was a great day. Annie Nelson, the ThreeSixty Journalism youth publications editor came in and gave us a lesson on interviewing sources and getting useful quotes. Then we applied what we learned by going around the St. Thomas campus and looked for people to talk to about our chosen topic: the recent uptick in the amount of drownings in Minnesota. Everyone talked to at least one or two sources and asked them if they knew anyone who drowned or nearly drowned. Some people also talked to people on different topics such as blood donations or being a year-round athlete.

In the afternoon, we had an unusually energetic lunch followed with a tour of the campus’s sports facilities. Then we went back to the journalism lab and wrote up stories using our earlier interviews as sources for quotes.

Seamus Joseph Doyle Herson, Introduction to Journalism ’12

Seamus Joseph Doyle Herson