Live from camp: Putting the pieces together


Yesterday was the third day of camp, and we examined the process of interviewing. Pioneer Press reporter Maricella Miranda described the difficulties of interviewing and gave us advice on how to prepare. You can’t fully anticipate what will happen in an interview. Being prepared ahead of time is a great tool that will benefit you while asking questions.

Yesterday we also learned about the personal stories of different class members through the process of peer interviewing. I am lucky to belong to a group of diverse kids who share similar goals with one another. I am glad to participate in this group because it represents the diverse world we now live in. Culture is a major element in journalism and everyone in class is getting to learn about different cultures first hand. I am happy that we get to listen to guest speakers who are determined to help us achieve our dreams with their assistance.

Journalism is like one big puzzle broken into a bunch of little pieces. Every day in class, we pick up a different piece of the puzzle and learn how it fits together with the other pieces. Every day, my lifelong dream of becoming a sports reporter becomes more understandable. The fundamentals of journalism are going to help me pave the road to my future.

Sam Goldman, Introduction to Journalism ’12

Sam Goldman