12 Weeks to Fitness: Sticking to My Diet

Welcome to 12 Weeks of Fitness, a weekly blog series by Kris Mitchell, a sophomore at the University of St. Thomas and alumnus of ThreeSixty Journalism. Kris is involved in a 12-week program at St. Thomas to lose weight and improve his health. A team of videography students will document his progress for a class project. Check back weekly to read about Kris’s experience.

In my previous post, I talked about what my new diet consists of. However, mixing it into my life is a different story. I was used to eating what was easiest to grab on-the-go. I needed to find snacks that were small, healthy and of course, delicious. I have come up with alternative snacks to adapt to my lifestyle. These have improved my energy and helped me eat well.

Here are some recipes for snacks that I came up with that are healthy, or at least more healthy than most.

Fruit Salad
There are different ways you can make a fruit salad without the marshmallows and Cool Whip. Just the fruit! This is the fruit salad I made.

  • Ingredients:
    4 large bananas
    A pound of grapes
    1 cantaloupe
    5 apples
    1 lemon
  • Directions:
    Cut fruit and mix in a huge bowl. Pick the grapes off the vines and place in bowl. Next, cut the lemon and squeeze the juice over the fruit. It will keep it fresh longer. You can separate the salad into smaller containers.

Healthy Puppy Chow
You can turn Puppy Chow into a healthier snack by substituting some of the ingredients with healthier options. The dark chocolate and Multi-grain Chex are healthier choices compared to milk chocolate and Rice Chex.

  • Ingredients:
    A box of Multi-Grain Chex cereal
    Powdered sugar
    Creamy peanut butter
    A bag of dark chocolate chips
  • Directions:
    Put the Chex in a large bowl. Melt a cup of peanut butter, butter and the chocolate chips in the microwave. Pour the mixture into the bowl with the Chex. Mix to coat evenly. In a zip-lock bag toss in a good amount of powdered sugar and place the mixture in the bag, shake well to coat every piece. Enjoy!

These are only two of the many recipes I have tried to eat healthier. They ensure that I can eat well and enjoy my food. Enjoying your food while on a diet will help you keep on track and stay on your diet. A diet shouldn’t be viewed as a punishment, it should be viewed as a lifestyle change for the better.

Next week, I will talk about a somewhat serious matter. I will be talking about a surgery procedure on my back and how it affects my fitness goals. Until then, I will enjoy the awesome weather outside.

- Kris Mitchell, University of St. Thomas sophomore and ThreeSixty Journalism alumnus

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