Live from camp: Nervousness turns to excitement at the first day of Introduction to Journalism Camp


When I first entered through the doors of the classroom, the only thing I could think about was how nervous I was.

The two things that reassured me were that I probably wasn’t the only one who was nervous, and staff giving me a warm and friendly welcome.

My goals when I first came to ThreeSixty Journalism were to improve my writing skills, and explore and learn with other writers. I now know that there is much more to journalism than I first realized and I have new goals that I hope to meet.

Today may have only been my first day in class, but I have learned at least one thing: Be confident when you are interviewing someone. I really enjoyed watching the staff acting out scenarios of how to interview a stranger.

As it was my first time, when we got to test out our own interviewing skills in the Best Story Competition, of course I couldn’t remember everything and I was really nervous. Although my interview did not go as I wanted it to, I had fun listening to my classmates’ stories about their interviews and learning from their experiences.

ThreeSixty Journalism isn’t just a journalism class. It’s a new beginning that opens our eyes to more opportunities and introduces us to the real world! I truly enjoyed my first day here at ThreeSixty Journalism and I look forward to what is to come!

- Vang Thao, Introduction to Journalism Camp ’11

Vang Thao