Live from camp: Picking learning and having fun over sleeping


6/30/11: Day 12 of camp

If it’s one thing I’ve learned from ThreeSixty Journalism camp is how to function while being sleep deprived.

I’m sure my mentor would love to hear me say that I was up until 3 a.m. writing my personal essay, editing my article about a woman only buying second-hand items, or touching-up my video of one woman’s chickens.

Truthfully, I’ve been up late watching Toy Story marathons, making bonfires in a grill, playing badminton in the rain, watching Andy, a fellow camper, chase the Red Bull car at Lake Harriet and terribly shouting to music.

Today, I lack the focus on writing my final essay. I can only manage to concentrate on all the insights I have gained from just talking to people, who I thought would hate me. All that I have learned is overwhelming.

Journalism is all about gaining insight from multiple sources to build credibility. I have to say, all the folks I have met here, the people I thought would hate me, have shown to be the most credible people I have ever met.

But, really, I need sleep.

- Emy Young, Intermediate Camp ’11

Emy Young