Live from camp: Deadlines Past, Deadlines Anew


6/28/11: Day 10 of camp

We all had thought it was done. The rest would be easy as the proverbial pie we’ve come to know and love. Our articles are written, what else could there be to accomplish? This is journalism camp, right? They’re just going to teach us to write, and write well… right?


It’s the day after we hit our article deadline, and already we have another one of the dreadful deadlines falling upon us like a hawk upon a field mouse.

Or something like that.

When I woke up in the morning and looked at the daily schedule for the camp, I was struck with a sense of nervousness when I saw that we were learning to put our video reports together. I knew the time was coming, but I was hoping it would continue to evade us, and that it’d find it’s way out of reality. It didn’t.

We started the day learning from Greg Vandegrift, who was a reporter for KARE 11 News. He taught the group about writing for broadcast and shooting stand-ups, and used personal examples of his own reports to assist his teaching. It’s a different taste of journalism than I’m used to, but I’m confident that I’ll acclimate to the culture of broadcast journalism, at least for a minute and a half.

After lunch, we plowed into the development of our videos. It was about this time that I felt the late night Toy Story marathon really start to hit me, along with the crash from early morning Mountain Dews. Although the energy level is draining, there is progress being made, and strong broadcast reports are in the near future for the ThreeSixty Journalists.

This whole experience has been a great one, and it’s saddening to think that in less than a week, we’ll all have to split ways. This has been more than a collecting of great journalistic minds; the camp has provided an enriching experience with a variety of great people. From late night movie showings in the Murray Lounge to bone-spraining football games in the home of the Tommies, there isn’t one part of the camp I’ll ever forget.

I need a Dew. Peace.

- Jake Hall, Intermediate Camp ’11

Jake Hall