Live from camp: The Sunday of adventure


6/26/11: Day 8 of camp

Sunday is supposed to be the Sabbath day. Well, that doesn’t apply to journalists. After a lovely Sunday brunch that definitely had some work put into it, I slipped off to my room to read a few pages of my book of preference packed for camp. However, after a few pages, I nodded off and awoke to Corey calling me on my cell phone asking where I was and telling me how everyone was waiting for me downstairs. Before my mid-morning snooze, my mind had neglected to remind me of the planned trip to Fort Snelling at noon. It was 12:01 p.m. I scrambled to grab what I needed and hustled out the door, pausing only to slip on flip flops and grab my phone.

After sprinting down the stairs (another point for the go green challenge – we get points for doing environmentally friendly activities and the top three scorers win a prize), I reached the group and made us only seven minutes late. Due to musical differences, the van remained devoid of instruments as we drove, but that was no obstacle as seemingly everyone on board had their life story to tell. This bothered no one, because after a meager week, we’ve all had ample time to connect and have become rather close. After a wrong stop and a quick history lesson from Annie Nelson, we filed back into the “MediaMobile,” and zoomed off to Fort Snelling State Park, where we waited for roughly half an hour before we got to the action of the day.

A park ranger arrived with a net and explained that we were to be seining fish. Since his partner was late, Corey stepped up; the two trawled a ways out and looped the net back to shore where, as water gushed out, we found our fish. The most interesting, by far, was a seven inch northern pike. There were also multiple sunnies and a small, yet full-grown, catfish. That was great and all, but after about half an hour of listening to a guide explain the history of the lake whilst constantly being interrupted by airplanes, every one grew tired, so we moved on to the next thing. After a few rounds of soccer catch, the group decided to rent canoes. I started with Corey and Yusra, and Corey, being the man of the day, immediately found a giant freshly dead fish, which he proceeded to pick up with his bare hands and take pictures with it. A few more partner swaps and splash fights later, I wound up paired with Asma in a canoe. We went on our last trip around the lake and it turned out to be the most meaningful conversation of the day. She has some very…interesting views on life and got to understand each other better. After that last trip, David and I pulled up all the canoes and placed them on the wrack. We were again filed into the MediaMobile.

Our trip was interrupted by a Dee (Dymanh Chhoun, one of the camp mentors) making a detour to a back alley to pick up unknown items from an unnamed store while leaving the van unlocked full of teenagers speculating on what he could possibly be buying. He returned with bulging pockets and made an unwise decision to try some more, what we called, “serious jokes.” After our detour, we returned to a Redbox at McDonalds so Corey could return the worst movie decision of his life. Then we pulled up to Davanni’s for pizza. I split a meat encrusted pizza with Corey and five slices later, Sheelue decided to show up with a group of very attractive women who had nothing better to do but hang out with us. Poor us. To our surprise, when we arrived outside the dorm building, they were there. After more ogling, every one returned to the dorm lounge. Not ten minutes had passed when we got another visit from Sheelue’s crew. The room was getting slightly crowded, and even though no one minded, I was forced to leave for lack of focus. So I ended the day with me plugged into a mac in the lab, cataloging another glorious day at camp.

- Dan Baden, Intermediate Camp ’11

Dan Baden